Vacuole Sentence Examples | Use Vacuole in a sentence

1.ion channels in plasma and Vacuole membranes are targets of various stimuli that modulate stomatal aperture; they are important components in charge of ion transport. Vacuole, avi is irregular and jelly-like in shape.

3.reduction of Vacuole in the wall and preparation of large diameter micro shells were also discussed.

4.after the Vacuole of the vegetative cell has disappeared, the generative cell begins to divide.

5.most of the cadmium, phosphorus and calcium were accumulated in cell wall, only a little were accumulated in cytoplasm and Vacuole. a wide range of plant species and in most cases, anthocyanins dissolve completely in Vacuole.

7.under electron microscope, chromatin gathered along the inside of the nuclear membrane, Vacuole bodies appeared.

8.tonoplast the membrane that surrounds the large central Vacuole of plant cells.

9.the emergence of avi can enhance color intensity and results in the "blueness" of color in the Vacuole.

10.Vacuole is a single layer of cells within the fluid and its composition. mainly in plant cells.

11.the researchers also learned that this localization is dependent on a protein called vit1, shown to transport iron into the Vacuole.

12.the digestive Vacuole was more numerous in rats, mice, rabbits and monkeys than in dogs and cats.

13.ca2+ mostly located in the intercellular space, cell wall and Vacuole.

14.results the basic ct features were as follows: Vacuole or air bronchus-charging sign was found in31 cases ( 40.3%), in which, 26 were moderately and highly differentiated;

15.anaplastic large cell lymphoma pathologic observation, the tumor cells were necrosis and Vacuole degeneration.

16.the microspore lacks a large central Vacuole.

17.volcaniclastic reservoir is high porosity-low permeability vesicular reservoir, and its diagenesis is mainly packing action of Vacuole and fracture. cells which began degeneration and thus stopped secretion, enzyme reaction product was localized mainly on the Vacuole membrane.

19.cytoplasm Vacuole is surrounded by single layer of bubble filled with liquid water, is ubiquitous in plant cells in a cellular device.

20.our study certainly suggests that iron storage in the Vacuole is a promising and, before now, largely unexplored target for increasing the iron content of seeds.

21.the emergence of acp can provide intense coloration in the Vacuole.

22.zn concentration and relative proportion in the cellwall and the Vacuole were the highest in most phenological periods annually.

23.the main characters for its identification are the body shape and the collecting channels of the contractile Vacuole.

24.vesicle a small Vacuole of variable origin and shape.

25.the cells have a cell wall made predominantly of the polysaccharide cellulose, and a Vacuole in addition to the cytoplasm.

26.another drug might incapacitate the mechanisms the bacteria use to divert lipids from the host cell to the chlamydial Vacuole, halting the trespassers 'ability to hide.

27.this apparatus, which spans the membrane of the entry Vacuole, serves as a conduit between the bacteria and the cytoplasm of the host cell.

28.after microspore mitosis, calcium precipitates appeared in the big Vacuole of 2-cellular pollen, and then the Vacuole disappeared.

29.single contractile Vacuole large, situated underneath peristomial lip.

30.method: with Vacuole nucleus as the subject, use multilayer segmentation algorithm to segment pathologic images in the cmyk mode.

31.electron microscope show structure turbulence and miss out of myelin sheath, loosen of neurofilament, mitochondrion swell and Vacuole change and dissolve of axis-cylinder and myelin sheath.

32.while the mechanism for exporting parasite proteins across the parasite membrane has been known for some time, how they get out of the Vacuole and into host cells has been less clear.

33.effect of boron deficiency on Vacuole and space outside plasmalemma in meristematic cells of cucumber root tips

34.distribution of secretory Vacuole and microfilament in mc were showed by laser scanning confocal microscope (lscm).

35.carcinous bronchiologram, Vacuole and nodule sign were major internal features.

36.this review sums up the reasons of anthocyanins being sequestered into Vacuole, the existent states of anthocyanins in Vacuole and the corresponding coloration effects of anthocyanins on plant cells.

37.organelle invagination and formation/ degradation of nuclear Vacuole