Vacuolation Sentence Examples | Use Vacuolation in a sentence

1.results: excessive dose cortisone acetate could induce endoplasmic reticulum expansion, mitochondria swelling and Vacuolation, nucleus pycnosis, cell shrinkage and abnormal distribution of lipid droplets in cells of above organs.

2.the combined effects of quercetin and octreotide on cell ultrastructure of human breast carcinoma cell lines mcf-7 and mda-mb-231: ( 1) swelling mitochondria and Vacuolation in cytoplasm and nucleolar margination were frequently seen in mcf-7 cells.

3.the accumulation of starch, Vacuolation of multinucleate microspores and degeneration of anther wall affected microsporic embryogenesis.

4.the increasing of microtubules, decreasing of myofilament, disruption of fixed apparatus of mitochondria, dislocation, Vacuolation of mitochondria and the enlargement of t tube were observed.

5.membrane of mitochondria swell and deformation, transparency of internal matrix and Vacuolation;

6.during the infection, the neurons gradually showed Vacuolation and death.

7.symptoms such as hepatocyte tumefaction, grain denaturalization, Vacuolation, focal necrosis, hepatocyte splinter, cell plasm escape, karyon pyknosis and cataclasm were observed on the pathological histological section.

8.Vacuolation of cytoplasm at stage of central nucleus microspore. 20.

9.the neurocyte of cerebral cortex shows Vacuolation degeneration.

10.the results showed that chronic hypoxia caused body weight loss and decrease of adrenal weight, atrophy and lipid loss of the zona glomerulosa, swelling and Vacuolation of mitochondria, and increase of lysosomes.

11.the degree of the Vacuolation increased.

12.lack cristae and Vacuolation in the mitochondria;

13.results ① neuroganglion fibrous layer showed Vacuolation degeneration when ocular hypertension was maintained to 2 h. was noticed that omeprazole caused Vacuolation in 11.2% of all parietal cells.

15.but the more Vacuolation of epidermis and cortex appeared in root-hair region. the different microspore developmental stages, mitochondria with non-cristae, or undeveloped cristae, or Vacuolation, could not fulfill the normal metabolism function, and the production of atp was restrained so that the energy supply for the anther development was insufficient to cause the anther abortion.

17.the pathological changes of kidney were Vacuolation in the the adrenal gland cell around head kidney vein, dilation and gore of parenchyma vein antrum.

18.the edema, cell Vacuolation and part cell apoptosis were appeared in brain tissue. middle-density group, placenta spongiosa trophoblast cells enlarged and the normal cells decreased and cell Vacuolation increased. the labyrinth was full of blood.

20.the mitochondrial Vacuolation was occasionally observed in 2 cases of rett syndrome. the process of callus induction from garlic sprout leaf, the amount of organelles as mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes and plas-tid increased successively, their structures flourished gradually and the cells were with lower Vacuolation.

22.microscopically, the tumor composed of epithelioid cells such as round, oval or polymorphic cells with oval or round nuclei, with eosinophilic cytoplasm and a usually slight degree of cytoplasmic Vacuolation, some by clear cytoplasm with abundant glycogen.

23.the early developmental process of mucilage cells is the same as that of oil cells, but at the latter stage of Vacuolation, mucilage substance was produced in the cytoplasm near the big central vacuole, and diffused into the central vacuole.

24.f loose change in hippocampal structure, dyeing lighter, cell sparse, edema Vacuolation. this stage the host cell shows characteristic Vacuolation and other cytopathic effects.

26.histopathology of brain: bilateral, symmetric intracytoplasmic Vacuolation of neurons and gray matter neutrophils

27.whereas in cp+ cpabm groups, the tumor cells shrunken with obvious pyknosis, the surface microvillus disappeared, free ribosome reduced notably in cells and mitochondrion in cytoplasm presented Vacuolation.

28.some mitochondria of the epithelial cells of renal tubules demonstrated Vacuolation.

29.tem revealed expansion of paranucleus space and karyopyknosis of the bipolar cells, the swelling of nerve fibers and disappearance of the synapses in the inner plexiform layer, the Vacuolation and disappearance of microvilli of the pigment epithelium cells.

30.the situation of abnormal development of male cells is as follows: microspore mother cell can't enter into meiosis because of intense Vacuolation, shrink and disintegration of its cytoplasm; the training groups, muscular Vacuolation of different degree, granular degeneration and hyaloid degeneration were observed, which were more obvious in the 3-week training group.

32.the change of pathological parameters pointed that excess fat made the grass carp liver cell Vacuolation increased, the lipid droplets dispersed, part of the hepatocyte nuclear enrichment, side-shift, or even necrosis, disintegration, following inflammatory cell infiltration.

33.the increase in volume during elongation is accompanied by a Vacuolation of the cell.