Vacuolated Sentence Examples | Use Vacuolated in a sentence

1.sometimes you can see those cells with Vacuolated cytoplasm in between ciliated cells.

2.during early- Vacuolated stage, the tapetum has lipids in the endoplasmic reticulum.

3.during the development of the embryo, the cells of the notochord are Vacuolated and beneath the notochord is the gut.

4.the changes in the ultrastructure of the chloroplasts parallel with the highly Vacuolated mesophyll cells from a dedifferentiation to a less differentiated, meristematic state.

5.complete disintegration of cytoplasm at stage of Vacuolated microspore.

6.using varies amount of spherical Vacuolated form parasites cultivated 48 h to infect mice, the result showed that the parasite bodies were not found in intestinal mucosa at the control group and the group infected with 10 4 parasites each mouse;

7.results the ultrastructure showed that the mitochondrions were swelled and Vacuolated, the stroma was edematous, the collagen fibers loose and dissolved, the cytoplasm dissolved, the cell membrane ruptured, the organelles scattered, inflammatory cells infiltrated.

8.the Vacuolated cells had larger and more invaginating plasmalemma than those in the meristemate cells.

9.the Vacuolated cytoplasm in clear cell meningiomas is glycogen-rich ( pas-positive), but not that of microcystic meningioma. addition, Vacuolated, swollen endothelium, abnormity of capillary basement membranes of bbb, marked vacuolar degeneration of the end feet of astrocytes, decreased number of synapse, synapse vesicle and broaden synaptic cleft were observed with transmission electron microscope.

11.the Vacuolated cytoplasm in clear cell meningiomas is glycogen-rich (pas-positive), but not that of microcystic meningioma.

12.cells of the procambium and ground meristem are more Vacuolated than those of the protoderm.

13.the type i and type ii alveolar cells appeared swollen, Vacuolated and broken with the blood air barrier severely damaged and surfactants significantly decreased.

14.method: the Vacuolated effect and its relationship to vaca of h.pylori clinical isolates were investigated by the method of cytotoxic test 、 sds-page and scan.

15.the results revealed that the tapetal cells of the male sterile a2 developed abnormally at tetrad stage, and they became Vacuolated and numerous small vacuoles are present.

16.a few abnormal embryos were observed, for instance, proembryos with elongated suspensor and Vacuolated proembryos.

17.mitochondria became Vacuolated and deformed in group b, slightly swollen in group c.

18.a layer of myoepithelial cells, some of which are slightly Vacuolated, is seen just around the outside of the acinus . has been also observed that toxin results in the obvious change in ultrastructure of wheat leaf, including dilated, disorganized and Vacuolated grana lamellae, Vacuolated mitochondrion and high density electron deposition located on the chloroplast membrane.

20.most of the skeletal muscle showed atrophy, splitting and lysis of myofibril in electron-microscopic study and mitochondria in connection with energy supply for cells were Vacuolated, as resulted in the feature of neurogenic muscle atrophy.

21.the results are mainly as follows. 1. yunnan purple rice was a new cytoplasmic male sterility line belonged to non-pollen type abortion. the Vacuolated cytoplasm took place at the early stage of microspore development, showing a trend of abortion.