Vacuity Sentence Examples | Use Vacuity in a sentence

1.bertha thought it disconcerted him by rendering evident even to himself the Vacuity of his mind.

2.only music are the buddy of soul, the voice of violin becoming a little sorrow, the gentle of the rhythm react abjection and Vacuity .

3.people with no belief, when his hands holding prosperous , mood will become Vacuity.

4.clinical study of using tcm therapy expelling damp-heat by boosting qi and nourishing yin to treat chronic glomerulonephritis of dual Vacuity of qi and yin the clinical research on the children with primary nephrotic syndrome with the shu feng qing re jie du theory of traditional chinese medicine

5.the experimental research on the apparent conductivity of pearlite in different particle sizes and different Vacuity is reported.

6.the left and right restoring beverage and pill ( zuo you gui yin or wan) were created for diseases owing to Vacuity and injury detriment of yuan-yin and yuan-yang.

7.judgement and analysis on Vacuity of arc extinguish chambers in vacuum circuit breakers

8.logistic regression analysis showed depression was related to optimism, Vacuity and social activities.

9.starting fwg all alone, checking the Vacuity achieve the rated value whether.

10.people with no belief, when his hands holding prosperous, mood will become Vacuity.

11.the shabby ideology and Vacuity of his painting.

12.the clinical observation of treating functional dyspepsia of liver depression and spleen Vacuity syndromes by coursing the liver and fortifying the spleen and harmonizing the stomach

13.kidney Vacuity is the basic reason for aging.

14.the symptoms of repletion heat patterns as fact are developed from the foundation of Vacuity heat patterns in constitution.

15.for that Vacuity, this study tries to make an investigation on it. therapy on sensorineural deafness in kidney essence Vacuity.

17.while in pd are liver-kidney yin Vacuity and Vacuity wind stirring internally, blood Vacuity engendering wind.

18.the novel gives a full display of the prevalent mental predicament of the "freeters" of the modern society, namely, their pervasive loneliness and Vacuity after losing ideals.

19.on cue, militant atheists trotted out their own hoary lines: Vacuity of the god of the gaps, meaninglessness of the questions about the meaning of it all, and so on.

20.measurement and analysis of Vacuity under vacuum preloading

21.the third way died in Vacuity and derision.

22.but i don't would like to believe love is dissipation when Vacuity and a game when blankness;

23.objective: to investigate the relationship between bone loss and kidney Vacuity in perimenopause women.

24.tony blair and bill clinton proclaimed a third way, but this degenerated into platitude and Vacuity.

25."gossip girl" reversed course and found a way saucily to make a virtue of Vacuity and viciousness.

26.the relationship between bone loss and kidney Vacuity

27.turned one way to the light it is about callowness and over-optimism; about a puppy-dog innocence verging on Vacuity, prey to vulgarity and vacuum-packed with egotism.

28.Vacuity contrast group was not treated.

29.results: the bmd of every part measured of the women had a continuously declining trend. the score of kidney Vacuity increased in each year.

30.the space in statuary, which shows the spirit of humanism, has something to do with substance and Vacuity, the contrast as well as unity between mankind and nature.

31.he felt a little boring and walked into the garden in order to avoid the Vacuity. we are looking at fallacies of Vacuity we've looked at fallacies of relevance now we are looking at fallacies of Vacuity.

33.his Vacuity was a handicap in these debates. romney's chief problem as a candidate has been his substantive Vacuity, his failure to stand for much beyond flexibility itself.

35.when i is together with him, i feel very Vacuity because he haven't the sense of humor.

36.leisure is enjoyable, while Vacuity is suffering.