Vacua Sentence Examples | Use Vacua in a sentence that case, statistics derived from many Vacua, rather than trying to make predictions from a single one, might be more useful.

2.consequently, as time goes on, different Vacua can come into existence.

3.the mixture is then distilled in Vacua. would seem that most Vacua never get their 15 minutes of fame.

5.the radiation spectrum for relativistic electron moving along curved spiral curve in plasmas is calculated, and also the formula of total energy emitted by a relativistic electron in Vacua is derived. measuring the photovoltage spectra at room temperature in different Vacua, it is found that the photovoltage of algaas/ gaas multiple quantum wells is very sensitive to Vacua.

7.similarly, only a small fraction of the stable Vacua are hospitable to life.

8.on the 3+ 1 dimensional lattice gauge theory with massless fermions-a study on the tunnel effect between the θ Vacua

9.the path taken by that explorer is the sequence of Vacua experienced at his location in the universe.

10.these may completely change or do away with the landscape of string Vacua or with the cascade of bubbles that populate the landscape.

11.but perhaps scrutinizing all those Vacua is unnecessary;

12.the static atom in unruh and hartle-hawking Vacua would feel thermal radiation and the temperature it feels satisfies the tolman relation.

13.about 10380 Vacua lie in the sweet spot, but at most only a tiny fraction of them will be exactly zero.