Vacillation Sentence Examples | Use Vacillation in a sentence

1.the birth and Vacillation of china's modernity

2.however, participates in me from tests after in period of time, my realistic condition let my determination receive the very big Vacillation! arousing, uniting and organizing the forces of the people throughout the country to fight the common enemy, the party should resolutely and unswervingly combat all tendencies towards Vacillation, compromise, capitulation and betrayal within the anti-japanese united front.

4.the conciseness and uncertainty in literary works and the Vacillation between the lines all offer opportunities of adaption.

5.the academic circle generally thought that the belief crisis is the defeat which the belief maintains. on the one hand, it already has suspicion, Vacillation and even abandonment to the belief system. far, treasury prices have been barely dented by the political Vacillation in washington.

7.all this may sound like Vacillation, but it provides an important lesson.

8.once again my efforts to organize an effective war economy had been ruined by hitler's Vacillation.

9.the emperor had been in a state of pitiable Vacillation

10.his constant Vacillation made him an unfit administrator.

11.relating to, causing, or produced by disruption. such splits have revealed themselves in the Vacillation of the national bourgeoisie and the emergence of such anti-japanese figures as feng yu-hsiang, tsai ting-kai and ma chan-shan, who have become popular for a time. did the experiment/ practice start in china? what were the difficulties and challenges? exploration in Vacillation and hesitation: the difficulties and challenges for un peacekeeping operations

13.his constant Vacillation make him an unfit administrator.

14.analysis of Vacillation mode in the atmosphere system with interaction between the basic flow and the waves

15.Vacillation is the cause of his failure.

16.exploration in Vacillation and hesitation: the difficulties and challenges for un peacekeeping operations

17.some people who to the marxism belief the suspicion, the Vacillation even give up, transfers believes in the religion, the authority, the money, the superstition and so on.

18.adhering to the party's basic line at the primary stage for one hundred years without any Vacillation. is even more important to arouse people's national integrity, oppose Vacillation and treason, heighten their courage to fight the enemy and foster their confidence in victory.

20.given angela merkel's central role, perhaps we should not have been surprised at the Vacillation.

21.what supporters see as empathy, these critics depict as weakness and Vacillation. are expected to answer the call with immediate actions and not with Vacillation.

23.such Vacillation and cowardice in public policy almost left me to die and no one should have to go through what i went through.

24.with the tremendous social and cultural changes in the 20th century, the Vacillation of realism's connotation and the elastic development of its external form are connected with and interact on each other, constituting a peculiar view called "the phenomenon of realism".

25.for critics on the right of politics, diplomacy and engagement have become synonyms for Vacillation and weakness.

26.oppose all Vacillation and compromise.

27.what the writers paid more attention to is the Vacillation of the land belief and the variation of the traditional value idea caused by the leaving-earth, and the farmer's survival condition as well as their cultural status. first come with the particularity of melody and Vacillation in two inflexion. 'twill not be! then change thy note;

29.the traditional treatment of the problem of free will refers to the actor's Vacillation before the final resolution.

30.any Vacillation or procrastination, any contrary policy, is absolutely wrong. order to achieve this objective, public ownership sector should be developed without any Vacillation. as a result, workers and peasants can be members of mid-income group.

32.they will draw lessons from their Vacillation.

33.hesitance, hesitancy, hesitation, Vacillation, wavering.

34.once again my efforts to organize an effective war economy had been ruined by hitler's Vacillation .

35.your creative potential exists with a high probability of being sabotaged by fear, Vacillation, and self-doubt.

36.we have already dealt with the Vacillation of the national bourgeoisie, the rich peasants and small landlords and the possibility that they may actually participate in the anti-japanese struggle.

37.bifurcation properties of a stratospheric Vacillation model