Vacillating Sentence Examples | Use Vacillating in a sentence

1.Vacillating elements and reluctant followers among the reactionaries should be dealt with leniently. daytime news on cnn and you can't avoid the Vacillating dow jones industrial average in the corner of your screen.

3.owing to the loss of big cities and the hardships of war, Vacillating elements within our ranks will clamour for compromise, and pessimism will grow to a serious extent.

4.this is risky for the government, which will be accused of Vacillating or even caving in to foreign pressure.

5.both ceos deserve immense blame ballmer for Vacillating; yang for running a public company without the foremost regard for shareholders.

6.she did write repeatedly that the weak, worldly, Vacillating ones would be shaken out, leaving a pure people to finish the work.

7.wanting an autumn at the gold is also the rice wave is Vacillating, the one gold bumper harvest prospects, the cool breeze comes accidentally, the rice valley of full nose is pure fragrance.

8.Vacillating elements are the third kind, they are half-genuine and half-sham in their patriotism, and shift and switch as the trend changes.

9.the voters are Vacillating between the two candidates. gloom and foolish optimism-these are the moods between which i keep Vacillating.

11.people are limited and rational to the effective way which realizes one's own intention and equalization point in Vacillating now to the left, now to the right in thinking and behaviour.

12.modern character is inconstant, divided, Vacillating.

13.the joint naval exercise will calm nerves in seoul, where continued postponement of the exercise raised questions about whether washington was Vacillating under pressure from china.

14.many of them are already collaborators, many have become or are ready to become pro-japanese, many are Vacillating, and only a few, owing to special circumstances, are firmly anti-japanese.

15.her resolve, however, had been taken, and it seemed Vacillating even to childishness to abandon it now, unless for graver reasons.

16.all the national and international factors have shaped the Vacillating attitude of its policy towards the jews.

17.the piling up of conditions and reservations, though a mark of subtlety, makes him seem Vacillating and weak.

18.a hypothalamic tumor could cause a Vacillating temperature.

19.theirs is a Vacillating attitude. a Vacillating class, the national bourgeoisie has a-thousand and one links with imperialism and feudalism.

21.a Vacillating person finds it hard to make up his mind.

22.and often taken as a Vacillating man for being unable to accept other opinions and unwilling to quarrel with others.

23.this Vacillating chancellor needs to recover some of the quiet resolution that once made her europe's most powerful politician.

24.the criticism should be directed mainly against the Vacillating well-to-do middle peasants whose capitalist ideas should be struggled against by arguing things out.

25.such hirelings and the middle elements Vacillating between labour and capital are to be found in trade unions everywhere, and in the struggle we must educate and win over the middle elements, whereas those hirelings guilty of serious crimes should be expelled. pursuit of pleasure, not only the mundane people react extremely according to their likes and dislikes, but they also cannot stop themselves from Vacillating between the two.

27.five thousand years of chinese diplomatic history suggest it is more likely to respect a strong state than a weak and Vacillating one.

28.the lack of opportunity is ever the excuse of a weak, Vacillating mind. opportunities! every life is full of them.

29.the Vacillating behaviour of the parliamentary party.

30.thus we find him caught in the horrible slaughterhouse at shanghai in1937, unwilling to retreat, unable to come to a decision and Vacillating so long that he lost the flower of his army.

31.most gravely of all, mr obama is Vacillating over afghanistan, which has the power to break his presidency. was the same harsh voice, the same brow dimmed and wrinkled with tan, the same free, wild, and Vacillating glance.

33.changes in the swedish foreign policy find expression in Vacillating on neutrality and being eager to seek for ec membership;

34.there are three kinds of patriotism, genuine patriotism, sham patriotism, and half-genuine and half-sham, Vacillating, patriotism.

35.then it was the donors who hesitated about giving help. now it is the recipients who are Vacillating about accepting it.

36.the lack of opportunity is ever the excuse of a weak, Vacillating mind.

37.the two-part statement looked Vacillating.