Vacillate Sentence Examples | Use Vacillate in a sentence

1.we, too, may Vacillate or hesitate, even trip.

2.but a few cadres started to Vacillate .

3.if weakness is the reason for its inability to change its attitude, why did the national bourgeoisie behave differently in1924-27when it did not merely Vacillate towards the revolution but actually joined it?

4.but at a certain stage of the struggle, one section (the left-wing) may join in, while another section may Vacillate towards neutrality.

5.i tend to Vacillate between admiration and pity for him.

6.nevertheless, he continued to Vacillate, like hamlet, in the execution of his filial obligation to his late father's request.

7.with so much disagreement it is no surprise that policymakers are unsure and Vacillate.

8.meanwhile, we remain divided and confused, we hesitate, we Vacillate, like sleepwalkers at the edge of the abyss.

9.she Vacillates between men twice her age and men younger than she

10.however, while we Vacillate between various interpretive literary critical theories, we forget to take into account the artistic and aesthetic value inherent in literary works as a form of art. the social reforming time, some questions Vacillate the communism ideal belief of the partial university students. york city continued to Vacillate, most states still banned the sport, and it lacked a central, unifying figure.

13.Vacillate between two opinions Vacillate between hope and fear

15.they may dither, and Vacillate between denial and acceptance, and this is quite common.

16.they Vacillate between these two, unable to see that theres a perfect median.

17.without doubt, the national bourgeoisie tends to Vacillate, but we should, nevertheless, make use of its positive side, uniting with it as well as struggling against it.

18.some of them still have doubts, their stand is not yet firm and they Vacillate in moments of stress. know what you believe in and stick to it. nothing loses you respect quicker than inconsistency. undergo frequent abrupt shifts or reversals, as of opinion or emotion; Vacillate.

20.meanwhile, your stock price can Vacillate up and down on unrelated and seemingly unimportant news.

21.on the one hand they dislike imperialism, and on the other they fear thorough revolution, and they Vacillate between the two.

22.but in moments like this, the things which one sees Vacillate and are precipitated, and one pauses for nothing.

23.although the atmosphere was stable overall, it was sensitive to perturbations which caused it to Vacillate easily. waste time, especially in indecision; dawdle or Vacillate. other historical circumstances, the chinese national bourgeoisie will Vacillate and defect because of its economic and political flabbiness.

26.but in moments like this, the things which one sees Vacillate and are precipitated , and one pauses for nothing. elephant walks like this and that. when a typhoon strikes, the wavering elements who cannot withstand it begin to Vacillate. that's a law.

28.but a few cadres started to Vacillate.

29.influenced by the western medicine, the independent existence of traditional chinese medicine began to Vacillate generally. Vacillate in one's actions or decisions. in substantially, this kind sophisticated be to rely on to prove fundamental inaccuracy to achieve be able to achieve success one way or another surely, root is decision criteria of the Vacillate in arguing.

32.swinging angle detection based on the testing apparatus of cycle life of universal joint when a typhoon strikes, the wavering elements who cannot withstand it begin to Vacillate. that's a law.

33.he or she cannot Vacillate over every tiny decision.

34.don't Vacillate about asking for assistance if you need it.

35.precisely because their motives and their standpoints differ, some will Vacillate or turn traitor at the very start of the struggle, some will become indifferent or withdraw from the fight midway, and some will determinedly fight to the end.

36.studying the influence exerted on the measurement result by square four point probe and line four point probe Vacillate.

37.the board of directors needs to make a final decision regarding the choice of a new company president; they must not Vacillate.

38.we cannot Vacillate on the question of the party's leadership.

39.your emotional state will Vacillate you can convince anyone of anything.