Vaccinium Sentence Examples | Use Vaccinium in a sentence

1.technological study of hard branch cutting propagation of Vaccinium uliginosum

2.Vaccinium uliginosum linn mechanization picking and its development trend of enzymatic hydrolysis conditions in enzymatic extraction of Vaccinium vitis-idaea fruit residue anthocyanins

4.the cultivation technique, development and application of Vaccinium spp. in guizhou province

5.farkleberry: a shrub or small tree (Vaccinium arboreum) of the southeast united states, having leathery leaves and hard black berries.

6.cutting technology with softwood of Vaccinium uliginosum l.

7.distribution of Vaccinium resources in the northern slope of daxinganling and their biological features of tissue culture and rapid propagation of northland of Vaccinium vitis- idaea l . variety of Vaccinium uliginosum l.

10.research on the anti-oxidation effects of flavonoids from fruit residues of Vaccinium vitis-idaea l.