Vaccinia Sentence Examples | Use Vaccinia in a sentence

1.thermal stability of rabies virus glucoprotein recombinant Vaccinia virus

2.objectiveto obtain human recombinant cd20 molecule and study the expression of human cd20 in Vaccinia virus.

3.since then, scientists have continued to study Vaccinia as a platform to develop vaccines against other diseases.

4.the Vaccinia virus is a non-dangerous virus used in the smallpox vaccine because it is related to the variola virus, which is the agent of smallpox.

5.assuming they utilize the same protein complex as Vaccinia, he says, researchers may be able to fight these infections by blocking the interaction of the two proteins.

6.Vaccinia virus expression vector construction of human papillomavirus type 16 、 18 e6/ e7 fusion gene

7.cb could be expressed in high yield by Vaccinia virus eukaryotic expression system. example for such a poxvirus is a modified Vaccinia virus ankara (mva).

9.bhk-21 cell line was infected by tmev and Vaccinia virus to prepare specific virus antigen.

10.smallpox vaccines are made from Vaccinia, a milder related virus.

11.selection of cell lines for production of recombinant hepatitis c virus using the Vaccinia virus expression system

12.other orthpoxviruses that cause infections in humans include variola (smallpox), Vaccinia (used for smallpox vaccine), and cowpox viruses.

13.Vaccinia doesn't cause diseases in humans, but it has helped us fight them.

14."issued an interim guidance on the use of smallpox vaccine, cidofovir, and Vaccinia immune globulin in the setting of an outbreak of monkeypox."

15.objective to investigate expression of il 6 in non replicating Vaccinia virus and its immune effects on recombinant virus.

16.thanks to its resemblance to the smallpox virus, researchers were able to use Vaccinia as a vaccine for the disease, eventually leading to its eradication in the late1970s. belongs to a group of viruses that includes the smallpox virus ( variola), the virus used in the smallpox vaccine ( Vaccinia), and the cowpox virus.

18.extract from rabbit skin inflamed by Vaccinia virus for injection different route of administration in rats after sciatic nerve injury regeneration and repair

19.this general recommendation remains the most effective way to prevent genital Vaccinia infections.

20.cell biologist michael way of the london research institute agrees that other viruses may also use the Vaccinia infection strategy.

21.Vaccinia story tells us that the fight against infectious disease needs the concerted efforts of all countries in the world.

22.that's what the Vaccinia virus seems to be saying after it invades a cell and prevents its companions from following suit.

23.virus load test to assist clinical diagnosis of aids selection of cell lines for production of recombinant hepatitis c virus using the Vaccinia virus expression system

24.just after Vaccinia infects a cell, it expresses two viral proteins on the cell surface, which marks the cell as infected. and public health officials recommended that the mother and child remain isolated until they had no more Vaccinia scabs .

26.Vaccinia virus 'infection provides us favorable model to explore the infectious mechanism of orthopoxvirus. of recombined Vaccinia virus expressing human cea

28.the construction of Vaccinia virus vector and its characters were reviewed in this paper.

29.because smallpox vaccine uses live Vaccinia virus, it can sometimes cause severe and sometimes fatal side effects.

30.recombinant Vaccinia virus containing hepatitis a virus gene could induce elisa competition inhibition and neutralizing antibodies in rabbits.

31.the researchers began by removing two genes from a Vaccinia virus that are necessary for its growth in normal cells.

32.conclusion the established method of bacterial endotoxins test for extracts injection from rabbit skin inflamed by Vaccinia virus was feasible.

33.when other Vaccinia viruses come knocking, long projections of another protein, actin, shoot out from the cell membrane, causing the virus to bounce off.

34.the hospital recommended that the people remain isolated until they had no more Vaccinia scabs .