Vaccine Sentence Examples | Use Vaccine in a sentence

1.the new Vaccine may rid the world of one of its most terrifying diseases.

2.the study is aimed at developing a new Vaccine for the east coast fever parasite.

3.we need to coordinate research and accelerate the development of pandemic Vaccine.

4.roll on the day someone develops an effective Vaccine against malaria.

5.there is no Vaccine against hiv infection.

6.the dna Vaccine was found safe and well-tolerated.'s very exciting progress, but the efficacy to date is not that of, say, a measles Vaccine, which is expected to be at least 90%.

8.schistosome genes research provides the basis for study of schistosomiasis diagnosis, Vaccine and drug targets.

9.i hear you have some Vaccine to sell.

10.who will now work to ensure that this Vaccine gets to groups who otherwise would have no access to pandemic Vaccines.

11.the Vaccine represents a quantum leap in healthcare

12.anti-malarial Vaccines are now undergoing trials million doses of Vaccine are annually given to british children.

14."regulation of such a Vaccine would need a lot of additional data on potential environmental hazards before it could be released, " he said.

15.the Vaccine had been produced by an unconventional technique

16.early results showed that the Vaccine not only failed to protect, it appeared to put some people at higher risk of infection.

17.there have been problems with the formulation of the Vaccine

18.there is no cure or approved Vaccine for either marburg or ebola virus.

19.the evidence on the safety of the7-valent pneumococcal conjugate Vaccine and other pneumococcal conjugate Vaccines is reassuring.

20.looking to the future, though, we asked him what the prospects are for a Vaccine to prevent infection in the first place.

21.the father was unexpectedly furloughed and evidently his wife and son touched the Vaccine site and became infected, the cdc said.

22.half received the Vaccine. the other half received a placebo, an inactive substance. the volunteers did not know which they were getting.

23.the researchers hope that such a Vaccine could be available in about ten years 'time

24.she said it had taken five to six months and now the who was working with manufacturers to produce the Vaccine.

25.last week, the united states department of agriculture announced that it had approved the first Vaccine for it.

26.the infant receives three injections of pertussis Vaccine at one-month intervals.

27.mccarthy was asked to analyse the data from the first phase of trials of the Vaccine do i know which mumps Vaccine i or my child should be vaccinated with?

29.they will not have enough time to identify it and produce a Vaccine.

30.but, he concludes, most researchers say that in the absence of a Vaccine, a combination of these methods could slow the onward march of hiv.

31.i am in dialogue with development partners and with executives from all the leading influenza Vaccine companies.

32.these authorities carefully examine the known and suspected risks and benefits of any Vaccine prior to its licensing.

33.when he tested an early Vaccine on himself, some described the act as foolhardy should also be noted that hepatitis b Vaccine can not be mixed with other Vaccine injection;

35.painful typhoid injections are a thing of the past, thanks to the introduction of an oral Vaccine

36.development of new technology and tools for potential use for Vaccine virus selection;

37.the swine flu Vaccine in1976 caused more death and illness than the disease it was intended to prevent.

38.the aim of this study is to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the yeast recombinant hepatitis b Vaccine.

39.researchers are even fine-tuning when to give a cancer Vaccine.