Vaccination Sentence Examples | Use Vaccination in a sentence

1.improving veterinary services, emergency preparedness plans and control campaigns including culling, Vaccination and compensation.

2.Vaccination remains important as a means of reducing the morbidity and mortality caused by influenza viruses.

3.vertical transmission of hepatitis b virus ( hbv) can occur occasionally despite Vaccination of the child.

4.and that is not the only problem with this method of Vaccination.

5.the day when a drug addict might be offered Vaccination rather than opprobrium will have come a little closer.

6.this paper discussed the siqv epidemic models with impulsive Vaccination and impulsive quarantine.

7.with the global eradication of smallpox, Vaccination stopped and quarantine measures were no longer needed.

8.he said the test might be more useful for assessing the efficacy of Vaccination programmes.

9.children infected with hiv may require repeated measles Vaccination to gain adequate protection, according to new research.

10.a'second opportunity'for measles immunization through mass Vaccination campaigns, to ensure that all children receive at least one dose.

11.every age group is at risk, and Vaccination is our crucial weapon to prevent cases and epidemics. with seasonal influenza, the principal defences against a new pandemic influenza strain are Vaccination and antiviral drugs.

13.thus, simple operational research into local knowledge and attitudes should become an essential part of every Vaccination campaign.

14.carries out the measles vaccine emergency Vaccination and the partial strengthened immunity activity;

15.prevention of these diseases through ebv Vaccination would have a substantial public health and economic effect.

16.i have taken all necessary Vaccination, like for malaria and hepatitis.

17.teams carry out large-scale Vaccination campaigns against diseases like measles and polio. Vaccination have some contribute to cure tuberculosis.

19.targeted Vaccination would be just as effective so long as it was combined with rapid detection of the outbreak and rapid response.

20.production of the pandemic influenza vaccines continue but in some areas demand for Vaccination is greater than the supply.

21.Vaccination and avoiding contact with infected animals are key elements of canine distemper prevention.

22.two doses of measles vaccine to all children delivered through either routine services and/ or mass Vaccination campaigns;

23.continue prevention and control efforts to reduce the impact of influenza, including Vaccination against influenza.

24.Vaccination and other prophylactic measures can be carried out.

25."we have to continue to be vigilant, as i said, Vaccination is not the total solution for equine influenza, " he said.

26.the expressed protein as an antigen can be used to differentiate the infection from Vaccination.

27.the objective of the campaign was to provide all children under the age of five with a second opportunity for measles Vaccination.

28.some side effects can be associated with influenza Vaccination. certain that the puppy has been examined for worms and that it will receive at least one Vaccination before it goes home with you .

30.Vaccination has a preventive effect.

31.yet no one is ready to say for sure that we've dodged the bullet -- and no one is calling off the massive Vaccination campaign. why?

32.we have conducted training on animal health and Vaccination and response to pandemic disease.

33.modelling studies suggest that combining hpv Vaccination and screening programmes may have the most impact on disease control.

34.the final conclusion from this research formed the basis for our current ibd Vaccination recommendations.

35.the child did not belong to any risk group and thus did not receive bcg Vaccination as a newborn. the last mass Vaccination there had taken place in 1987, the population was considered to be highly susceptible.

37.preventing outbreaks in high-risk areas through mass Vaccination campaigns and control of aedes aegypti in urban centres.

38.influenza Vaccination of live attenuated live vaccine or vaccines. is feasible for healthy adults to vaccine bcg; bcg Vaccination have some contribute to cure tuberculosis.