Vaccinating Sentence Examples | Use Vaccinating in a sentence

1.this means Vaccinating livestock and actually providing new livestock to people who have been affected.

2.this paper analyzed the economic benefit of prevention and control of hepatitis a by Vaccinating ha vaccine in rugao. the analysis adopted the evaluation index of national-income-method which who recommended.

3.there are mainly three types of disputes caused by vaccination: vaccine quality disputes, wrongful Vaccinating disputes and adverse reaction disputes.

4.jia youling, chief veterinary officer in china's agriculture ministry, said china is in the process of Vaccinating all poultry in the country.

5.bali administration reported it had started Vaccinating 9000 dogs in an effort to control a recent outbreak of rabies in the island.

6.prevention steps also include Vaccinating for coliform mastitis.

7.the savings in labour, and in the cost of feeding and Vaccinating cocks that slip through the existing procedures, should outweigh this.

8.Vaccinating against mumps is the most effective way to prevent mumps.

9.examples are blood testing, debeaking, Vaccinating, inseminating, sexing, weighing, and moving birds from one location to another. Vaccinating eggs against influenza, we could protect wild bird species as well as domestic chickens against pandemic flu strains, limiting the spread of disease to humans.

11.Vaccinating infants in asia against a bacterium that commonly causes pneumonia and meningitis could save hundreds of thousands of lives, according to researchers.

12.sage emphasized that countries Vaccinating their populations against measles, should also be Vaccinating against rubella.

13.since it is impossible to say in advance who might be exposed, that means Vaccinating everybody.

14.the existing formula is simple. when Vaccinating against influenza, inoculate those most susceptible to the disease's wrath.

15.research has shown that it could be possible to fight parasitic diseases by Vaccinating against animals such as mosquitoes and ticks that spread them, rather than against the parasites themselves.

16.86.83% of people believed that Vaccinating hb vaccine is a prevention strategy.

17.he argues that poultry farming is so important in africa that Vaccinating flocks is the only way forward.

18.there were significant differences for ppd test positive rates between different districts and different age groups, and there was positive correlation of the positive rate with the bcg immunization doses, bcg vaccinated scar, Vaccinating technique and tuberculosis contact.

19.twice in the past year, the emir of kano has launched two immunization campaigns by standing in front of the state's media, Vaccinating his grandson, and calling on kano's citizens to do the same.

20.we can attain aim to control the diffusion of epidemic by the means of isolating infected individuals and Vaccinating susceptible.

21.objective to evaluate the routine immunization surveillance system of hubei province in 2004. ( methods) estimated Vaccinating rate, timeliness and integrality of surveillance report were analyzed.

22.prevention consists of Vaccinating all1-29 year-olds in the african meningitis belt with this vaccine. have to be able to show that a program is Vaccinating millions more children.

24.many once-common diseases, from smallpox to polio, have been eliminated, or nearly so, just by Vaccinating children.

25.this photo story documents the unusual challenges the health workers faced in reaching and Vaccinating people in remote and resource-poor areas of mali.

26.but Vaccinating people by setting mosquitoes loose on them isn't practical.

27.Vaccinating children may not only reduce their disease burden but it may also reduce transmission to the elderly and others at increased risk.

28.eradication requires reaching children in the few areas where the virus still circulates and Vaccinating all children under the age of 5. have to be able to show that a program is Vaccinating millions more children. you have to be able to show a decline in the number of children dying from these diseases.

30.there's lots of evidence to show that the number of people catching measles drops when a country starts Vaccinating children.

31.Vaccinating chickens against ai is costly, and because influenza viruses mutate rapidly, vaccination has to be repeated on a regular basis. should control the actuality that measles outbreak frequently after Vaccinating important crowd.

33."Vaccinating every child, even those who have been vaccinated in the past, is essential in stopping the virus with a wall of immunity in the population," he said in a statement.

34.this lasted until about a year ago, when i just felt like i wasn't finding any new information. it's like i hit the end of internet, she said. i don't think we will be Vaccinating any time soon.

35.also Vaccinating children against misers ( measles) has saved many lives.

36.there has been a tremendously successful program in Vaccinating children against measles in africa, so the incidence of disease and death from that has fallen dramatically.

37.get enough people on drugs and it would be like Vaccinating them: the chain of transmission would be broken.

38.releasing the mosquitoes would also mean Vaccinating people without their informed consent, an ethical no-no.

39.Vaccinating adolescents and young adults: problems with coincidental pathologies and safety assessments