Vaccinated Sentence Examples | Use Vaccinated in a sentence

1."i didn't want to try it, since the tests aren't complete, " he said. "i'm still not sure whether i need to be Vaccinated. "

2.just half of haitian children are Vaccinated against basic diseaseslike diphtheria and measles.

3.dogs must be Vaccinated against distemper

4.children Vaccinated will have to remain in the hospital for at least half an hour as a precaution against allergic reactions. do i know which mumps vaccine i or my child should be Vaccinated with?

6.analysis of those studies was completed: all of them showed reduced mortality in the children Vaccinated with all of the vaccines.

7.although he served as a vaccinator in somalia, he had never been Vaccinated.

8.we met a young mother and asked if her children had been Vaccinated.

9.the children were Vaccinated against the major childhood diseases.

10.people are Vaccinated against measles.

11.objective the paper summed up the four questions about the patients bitten by dogs before Vaccinated against rabies. increases the risk for exposure to measles virus and its further spread into susceptible populations if not Vaccinated. have your dog Vaccinated against rabies.

14.but we did not anticipate that people would decide not to be Vaccinated.

15.up to 20 percent of all pregnancies are naturally cut short by miscarriage, so some women will no doubt miscarry after being Vaccinated.

16.all elderly persons or those with a particular risk of influenza should be Vaccinated.

17.all children can be Vaccinated with the new vaccine except for those with contraindication.

18.europe is fmd free, and animals there aren't Vaccinated against it – so they have no immunity.

19.epidemiological data do not show a higher incidence of multiple sclerosis in Vaccinated persons when compared to the general population. can protect yourself against hepatitis b by being Vaccinated.

21.they had been Vaccinated against hepatitis b, rabies and type-b encephalitis from 2006 to 2008.

22.measles, mumps and whooping cough are spreading again because children are not being Vaccinated.

23.the children were all Vaccinated against smallpox.

24.has the baby been Vaccinated?

25.the children were Vaccinated against cholera.

26.all the men in the camp have been Vaccinated with the smallpox virus.

27.children who are Vaccinated against measles, whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus are made immune to these diseases.

28.youngsters with asthma or diabetes, for example, are already being Vaccinated.

29.the cast bronze and stone statue depicts four persons, one of whom is a girl about to be Vaccinated in the arm.

30.have you had your child Vaccinated against whooping cough? h7n1 lethal challenge assay, ha+m2-Vaccinated and m2-Vaccinated induced 10% protection and the control groups were all killed in a week.

32.uninfected ticks that bite the Vaccinated animal can still get infected and spread the parasite to other animals.

33.when were people first Vaccinated against measles? study looked in homes of infants recently Vaccinated against polio.

35.have you been Vaccinated against typhoid fever? child was Vaccinated against smallpox.

37.should people continue to be Vaccinated against seasonal influenza?

38.but frieden noted that most of the population still has not been either infected or Vaccinated against the virus.