Vaccinate Sentence Examples | Use Vaccinate in a sentence

1.local health officials can then plan the best times to Vaccinate people.

2.a pilot scheme to Vaccinate children against german measles. to evaluate the effect of Vaccinate. officials are launching a campaign to Vaccinate eight million children after a case of polio was reported there.

5.the bill and melinda gates foundation recently pledged ten billion dollars to help Vaccinate children around the world.

6.they have begun to Vaccinate children in an attempt to check the spread of the disease. workers say it is important to Vaccinate all children in a community.

8.our policy to Vaccinate girls against cervical cancer is one of the biggest public health campaigns in recent history.

9.initial concerns about the ability of a pregnant woman to mount an effective immune response to a Vaccinate largely unfounded. Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate? it's a debate that raged among parents and one that's divided the autism community.

11.that is to Vaccinate a pullet flock at least twice for ibd.

12.have you had your child Vaccinated against whooping cough?

13.we need to continue efforts to Vaccinate and to put the needs of children in africa first.

14.for that part, the researchers will have to Vaccinate large numbers of volunteers, and find out whether they later become infected with hiv through daily living.

15.they Vaccinate our children and help us to recover when we are sick.

16."when my patients ask whether they should Vaccinate their sons, i say 'certainly, " gillison said, the telegraph reported.

17.the decision about whether to Vaccinate with an inactivated but much more costly vaccine will be a difficult one, especially for poor countries, they add.

18.the ideas include a'stealth weapon'for destroying hiv and for using mosquitoes as'flying syringes'to Vaccinate people.

19.instead, officials will encourage hog farmers to Vaccinate their animals in response to any swine flu outbreaks in u. s. pig herds.

20.dogs must be Vaccinated against distemper

21.therefore, in this prospective double-blind study, the researchers looked to see if it is worth waiting to Vaccinate until after patients have been on art and their viral loads are suppressed.

22.doctors Vaccinate us so that we do not catch smallpox. india, there is preliminary data that capture, neuter, Vaccinate, and release programs may be able to eliminate human rabies as a serious problem.

24.i know many chinese citizens who have had to take rabies shots on more than one occasion because they do not Vaccinate their animals.

25.measles, mumps and whooping cough are spreading again because children are not being Vaccinated.

26.ann ginsberg: so when you do a vaccine trial, you have to Vaccinate people and watch them for years.

27.some countries, including the us and the uk, have ordered enough to Vaccinate everyone and immunisation began this month.

28.president gerald ford announced a plan to Vaccinate everyone in the country.

29.beyond plan of children Vaccinate vaccine even what want have an inoculation?

30.following the detection of this case, the moh has decided to Vaccinate the entire population of the mandiana prefecture.

31.a severe inflection causing mouth ulceration, pneumonia and high fever. Vaccinate every year for prevention.

32.he thinks he can find a way to Vaccinate the elephants from a safe distance.

33.but pneumococcal vaccine might be a different situation and one in which there might be no urgency to Vaccinate.

34.Vaccinate for one disease at a time. fact, other researchers have used the empty viral shell to Vaccinate monkeys, and even humans.

36.i helped fix windmills, Vaccinate cattle, and do other chores.

37.did you Vaccinate your dog with rabies vaccine? vaccines available initially will not be sufficient, a step-wise approach to Vaccinate particular groups may be considered.