Vacating Sentence Examples | Use Vacating in a sentence

1.most developers were quick to respond to the economic crisis by shelving new building work, although the supply of offices still increased as corporate occupiers sought to cut costs by Vacating or sub-letting space. is necessary to exploit shallow groundwater including brackish and semi-saline water for irrigation, Vacating the space of aquifer;

3.does your current lease provide for showings prior to the tenant Vacating the property?

4.yesterday evening when the reporter arrived near the place that rescuers have Vacating scene, dark look up at the foot of the mountain.

5.he was shot after the11 am armistice when he went to inform approaching american soldiers that he and his men would be Vacating their billets.

6.consider Vacating the whole premises for improvement works so as to reduce the cost and time required.'ve been Vacating in maroco with your husband.

8.many companies have shut down in the recession, Vacating shopping malls and office buildings financed by the loans.

9.everywhere people were packing up, Vacating offices, tearing down company signs. is necessary to exploit shallow groundwater including brackish water and semi-saline water for irrigation to combat drought, then Vacating the space of aquifer in underground;

11.there are to be changes across the network, with more than 200 presenters Vacating their positions.

12.i got the job allister was Vacating because i had editorial experience.

13.hope that through the system of traffic accident fast prospecting measurement, fast drawing, rapid Vacating scene and quick persuation resume normal traffic order purpose. is located to the south of the mulan mountain, 38 kilometers from wuhan city, it takes grassland style show as the main items, combined tourism, recreation, business tour, Vacating in one. fighters using full ppe entered exclusionary area to check out unknowns. good move on Vacating scene of unknown substance in tank.

16.heard the doc here is Vacating the premises.

17.evaluation of integral assets compensatory value for an enterprise Vacating and changing into a new one

18.deputy sheriff burdon will assist you in Vacating the property.

19.the microstructure and characteristics of luminescent porous silicon film prepared by the physicochemical sonic-Vacating method