Vacated Sentence Examples | Use Vacated in a sentence i've mentioned, i'm squatting temporarily in a management job Vacated by a beloved and longtime editor at time.

2.since lists maintain contiguous elements, the elements that follow the removal point move up to occupy the Vacated spot.

3.the day of departure is not chargeable if rooms are Vacated by 12.00 noon.

4.he drove neatly into the Vacated space. Vacated his left hand to wipe the tears carefully on my face bit by bit with the back of his hand as well as his thumb.

6.china is not bidding to fill the role of global hegemon recently Vacated by the us. they Vacated due to their extensive travel at the time, they moved the shrine under a gum tree in honor of our kingdom.

8.i told myself that, even if i had to spend everything i had, i would have that woman and would take by right the place which i had Vacated so quickly.

9.she has taken over the role Vacated by her boss. can't think, see, and seize it, as if your body were Vacated, nothing in it. all is so tranquil seems to be fast asleep.'s the law front seats must be Vacated for seniors and persons with disability.

12.the moment they upgrade to a roomier shell, other crabs line up for the Vacated one.

13.the court reversed its decree of imprisonment, and the man went free. a reversible decision is one that can be appealed or Vacated.

14.these frequencies, along with other uhf and vhf parts of the spectrum used by analogue television, are now to be Vacated.

15.the title Vacated by ali's retirement would be fiercely contested.

16.people are jingdu led boat along to salvage, along the water, and will be zongzi Vacated into rivers, avoid eating fish of his body.

17.they Vacated earth well ahead of time, and were able to calculate the time of passage based on historical records.

18.senate democrats reversed their position on roland burris and decided to let him take the illinois seat Vacated by mr obama.

19.since his match factory had folded up, he had Vacated one wing in case he had to sub-let part of the house, and dismissed one cook and two maids.

20.he recently Vacated his post as nhs personnel director

21.the post Vacated was filled by him.

22.a tip-off led to the basement of a house recently Vacated by mr rodenstock and the discovery of piles of blank labels, corks and other counterfeiter's paraphernalia. a fixed time every morning, bustling streets "automatic" Vacated, after the ceremony, street recovery lively.

24.some took back kiev's city hall, which they had Vacated over the weekend, and in western ukraine at least three regions said they would send buses of reinforcements to kiev.

25.and frye's lament about the way Vacated senate seats are filled could hardly sound more contemporary.

26.i see you've Vacated the elevator for the evening.

27.the house was Vacated bag and baggage in a matter of hours.

28.juichueh gave her a friendly look, then sat down on her Vacated chair.

29.and just so happen they're looking for a good person to fill a recently Vacated switchboard position.

30.all three of the top posts have been Vacated in the past six months – sue decker moved from cfo to become head of a new advertiser and publisher group and was yesterday named president of the company.

31.he Vacated the flat and went to stay with an uncle

32.authorities sent more fighters ready to intercept Vacated, but also the mountains congress for emergency evacuation of personnel.

33.according to our regulations, a half day's rent is charged against a room not Vacated by12:00 noon. oxford, cambridge and exeter, youngsters from abroad fill university dormitories and housing Vacated by students.

35.chris slumped down in the chair mrs tennant had just Vacated.

36.Vacated the area of our company have been reduced by 20%, to reduce costs, reduce the burden on the point.

37.he had Vacated his single-roomed hut on account of her.

38.that means being the first into the carriage just as seats are being Vacated, which in turn means standing in front of the opening doors and generally getting in everybody's way.

39.he was convicted on four counts of fraud and obstruction of justice in 2007 and served 29 months in prison until the supreme court Vacated the convictions.