Vacant Sentence Examples | Use Vacant in a sentence

1.i found him on a Vacant lot.

2.a Vacant lot or a bombsite can, to the amateur naturalist, produce an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna

3.there are no Vacant seats on this train.

4.Vacant rooms on the campus were being used by holidaying families.

5.she had a kind of Vacant look on her face.

6.nothing. it's been Vacant for a couple of months.

7.the apartment next door has been Vacant for a long time.

8.'what is the matter with signora anna?' he whispered, horror-struck at her Vacant face.

9.the Vacant w.b.c. junior-lightweight title has been called off

10.please leave the front row of seats Vacant.

11.that left plenty of hours Vacant.

12.they want to look for the place rest, but in the inn did not have Vacant room.

13.a number of senior people were regarded as likely to occupy the now Vacant post

14.but i didst note the flower peddler nearby, that she showed not Vacant curiosity but a more intent concern.

15.the fierceness of his countenance now seemed to slumber, and in its place was to be seen the quiet, Vacant composure.

16.if positions become Vacant you have to compete with hundreds of applicants to get a job interview.

17.the old house has been Vacant for many years and is to run to ruin.

18.sorry, we have no Vacant (spare) room for you. but i can recommend you to the orient hotel where you may get a spare room.

19.a trunk to which a call for a Vacant number or changed number or a line out of order is connected for action by an operator.

20.there are many Vacant seats in the carriage. not know my past, so you express all these very Vacant.

22.with blanched cheeks, she signaled her mother to come inside the door of a Vacant room.

23.they may headhunt her for the Vacant position of executive producer.

24.the post of chairman has been Vacant for some time.

25.her Vacant eyes looked back at me and she gave me a slight smile as she turned to leave.

26.the post of principal of the theatre school became Vacant and he leapt at the chance.

27.vanamee sank back in his chair, his eyes growing Vacant again.

28.the hospital has no Vacant beds.

29.receptionist: just a moment, please. let me have a look. yes, we still have a few Vacant single rooms left.

30.the post of general manager is still Vacant.

31.the flat above was reserved for some sort of company letting and was , at present, Vacant .

32.i can select anyone i desire to fill Vacant positions.

33.we'd rather leave the place Vacant than have someone incompetent fill the position.

34.but gratefully, into the dust and rubble of the Vacant lot.

35.connie: ok. i'll let you know if i happen to see any Vacant office space in a good spot. every major city there are more Vacant buildings than there are homeless people.

37.we have three posts Vacant.

38.half way down the coach was a Vacant seat, all that remains of that heyday are Vacant hotels and broken down atms.

40.there were no Vacant seats.