Urinary Sentence Examples | Use Urinary in a sentence

1.objective: to study the diagnosis and treatment of the Urinary fistula in kidney transplantation patients.

2.it has also been used for bacterial bladder (Urinary tract) infections.

3.cystoscopy is a procedure to examine the inside of the bladder and other parts of the Urinary system.

4.the aim of this study is to evaluate the risk factors associated with renal transplant Urinary complications.

5.scientific research has confirmed the effectiveness of cranberries in maintaining the health of the bladder and the Urinary tract.

6.the Urinary concentrations of lactulose and mannitol were determined by a refractive index detector.

7.micturition (self-study): to understand innervation of the Urinary bladder and Urinary tract micturition and its control.

8.the analysis can be performed by examining serum or Urinary proteins by immunoelectrophoresis.

9.topiramate also significantly reduced blood pressure and Urinary albumin excretion.

10.objective to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of the upper Urinary tract calculi in pregnant woman.

11.in Urinary schistosomiasis, there is progressive damage to the bladder, ureters and kidneys.

12.in this paper, some specimens of gallstones and Urinary stones are studied by ft-ir spectroscopy.

13.side effects include somnolence, Urinary retention and elevation in liver enzymes.

14.when he inserted the sphere in a dog's Urinary system , the artificial bladder began to function like the real thing .

15.objective to study the current situation and countermeasures of Urinary tract nosocomial infection in our hospital.

16.indwellin ureteral stents have been used increasingly in urological practice, but they may induce Urinary tract infection and encrustation .

17.bedpan: a metal, glass, or plastic receptacle for the Urinary and fecal discharges of persons confined to bed.

18.furosemide increases Urinary excretion of calcium, may lower serum calcium levels and cases of tetany have been reported.

19.objective to investigate the age of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) causes of recurrent Urinary retention do not want surgery.

20.examples include pressure ulcers, Urinary tract infections, osteoporosis and pain.

21.the gland tends to expand in an area that doesn't expand with it, causing pressure on the urethra, which can lead to Urinary problems.

22.recurrent bladder and Urinary tract infections;

23.the infectious complications analyzed included pneumonia, Urinary tract infection, sepsis, and surgical site infections.

24.water is ideal to flush the kidneys and the Urinary tract.

25.i think you have a prostatic hypertrophy ( prostatitis, a Urinary stone).

26.generally understanding diagnosis and differential diagnosis of calculi of upper Urinary tract.

27.at the time of admission of an acute asthmatic will invariably show a state of severe water retention with high Urinary specific gravity .

28.no particles were detected in the liver, the Urinary, and the gall bladder.

29.the Urinary iodine internal quality control samples provided an important method for quality assurance of Urinary iodine analytical determination.

30.this article demonstrates the feasibility of performing laparoscopic radical cystectomy and Urinary diversion.

31.Urinary incontinence in spina bifida patients might be related to detrusor hyperreflexia, to sphincter areflexia, or to both conditions.

32.this method has been used for the determination of Urinary protein with good results.

33.saw palmetto has traditionally been used as a herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of short-term Urinary discomfort.

34.Urinary system and the kidney is an important organ, it is like the central water treatment system.

35.they move into blood vessels that supply the intestinal and Urinary systems.

36.Urinary bladder, kidney and stomach meridians;

37.of or related to the genital and Urinary organs or their functions.