Urbanize Sentence Examples | Use Urbanize in a sentence

1.in the long term, as china continues to Urbanize, a fast growth rate is needed to create enough jobs for the new city-dwellers.

2.the modernization of chinese economy is facing the task to Urbanize a large surplus population in the rural areas that is the migration of labor from the rural to the urban.

3.chongqing, the fastest-growing city on the planet a half decade ago, thinks it can Urbanize for at least another two decades.

4.civil municipal center, as the production of Urbanize program at new period in our country, it play a important role in city planning because of it's special function an huge consider.

5.peasant problem is the relationship between peasants and land, agriculture problem is about how to manage the farmland; countryside problem is about how to make the country Urbanize.

6.low birth rates have become a common problem among asian societies, which are adopting increasingly less traditional attitudes towards family and children as they grow wealthier and Urbanize.

7.the discussion of vitality which in complex's Urbanize public space

8.is this necessary to Urbanize a rural country?

9.for china to modernize its economy, it must further industrialize, and Urbanize .

10.scientific-technical progress; agriculture surplus labor; obtain employment; Urbanize; industrialization; modernization;

11.it's hard to Urbanize because of bad influence on agriculture, benefits loss of farmers and workers.

12.with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, influences of cities is increasingly enlarged, even many towns have the tendencies to Urbanize.

13.the trend is clear. it is also unstoppable: all countries of the world will Urbanize, each in their own ways and at their own pace, of course, but Urbanize they will.

14.by entering the city, involving into the city, or in-place Urbanize peasants can changes their mode of production and lifestyle.

15.the country continues to Urbanize and get wealthier, which means more appliances, high-rise buildings, congestion and pollution.

16.in the long run, we have to combine the establishment of rural townships and the readjustment of urban industrial structure as the two ways to absorb the surplus agro-labor force and gradually Urbanize them.

17.they still have to Urbanize another 400 million people at least.

18.arguing on the absence of peasants'land rights during Urbanize

19.Urbanize the countryside research of modern shijiazhuang ( 1901~ 1949);

20.as the particularity of the index, it must be restricted by the development of the economy and the Urbanize level.

21.in this thesis i will point out that we should choose different ways to Urbanize in yan'an region on the base of predecessor's research results on urbanization, comparing and analyzing the models of china and foreign countries even the discussions on our country's urbanization.