upgrade Sentence Examples | Use upgrade in a sentence

1.the upgrade report lists potential hardware and software issues with your computer.

2.looks like you need an upgrade.

3.remember if you select multiple systems, you can upgrade them as well.

4.at this point, i could perform the lpar2rrd upgrade, knowing that if i had an issue i could recover from my snapshot.

5.pre-packaged code compromises our ability to maintain and upgrade our own product.

6.this packaging and dynamic loading provides a flexible upgrade, maintenance, and licensing strategy.

7.refer to the output below, from one of the lpars before and after the upgrade.

8.the only solution is to offer a non-ssl connection to the vnc server and suggest an upgrade of java to any recent java runtime.

9.what i liked best about this book is that it uses an upgrade release of an established product as the main example.

10.the resources section has a link to download and upgrade vim.

11.upgrade this disk to a dynamic disk; partitions and volumes on the disk are also upgraded.

12.we will upgrade the structure of the economy to achieve better quality and performance, he said.

13.this feature eliminates down time during the upgrade process.

14.this file can be sent to developers to upgrade source code to the newest version.

15.he was upgraded to security guard.

16.by using the oo technology and multithreading technology, the maintenance& upgrade is very easy and convenient.

17.medical facilities are being reorganized and upgraded.

18.that's a lot of power packed into the upgrade!

19.upgrade your ports to speedup loading and unloading.

20.now we re ready to upgrade the stateless session bean into a web service.

21.so, you would like to know how much it would cost to upgrade your current system, is that correct?

22.we encourage our enterprises to upgrade technologies and make technological renovation.

23.to upgrade the overall level and capacity of china's launch vehicles.

24.i have to upgrade my computer; it is out of date.

25.helicopters have been upgraded and modernized

26.if you already have clearcase lt installed on your workstation, then you might be able to upgrade it to the current version.

27.you can upgrade from the developer edition directly to any other edition simply by installing the new database binaries.

28.the hacmp configuration for each cluster was also verified and synchronized prior to the upgrade.

29.he said it had also reinvigorated demand for new pcs, with many users opting to upgrade their hardware as well as their software.

30.first, the company must be able to upgrade the product without going over budget.

31.we agree that extra equipment was over the top as an upgrade and are slowly trying to correct it.

32.easy installation and upgrade.

33.macintosh users are accustomed to using software update in system preferences to upgrade the operating system and system software.

34.you can upgrade from self-catering accommodation to a hotel.

35.it is recommended that you back up the instance and application databases before you upgrade.

36.we need to upgrade the pay and status of doctors.

37.they upgrade, install, and virtualize servers and applications.

38.it has also helped mongolia upgrade its trading system and exported its advanced bond trading system to malaysia.