Unmanned Sentence Examples | Use Unmanned in a sentence

1.the fare from the last Unmanned station is probably less than a pound

2.there's no word on how he died, but it's likely to have been the result of a strike from an Unmanned drone.

3.simulation is the main method of Unmanned helicopter control technology and its application research.

4.external airbags have been used in the past to help Unmanned space landers, including mars pathfinder, touch down.

5.the united states says it has carried out its first attack in libya, using an Unmanned drone aircraft.

6.Unmanned aircraft has identified enemy sniper.

7.this gave rise to the word drone, which is still used to describe Unmanned planes.

8.militaries around the world are increasingly using Unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones, in modern warfare.

9.both countries have ambitious plans for manned and Unmanned missions in the years to come.

10.but the office's core mission is acquiring, managing and supporting the Unmanned platforms used by the services.

11.the armed aerial scout would make up a "very significant fleet" of manned aircraft operating alongside an Unmanned aerial system, he said.

12.realize the environmental monitoring of Unmanned their duties, unified management.

13.china's top drug official, liu yuejin, said the plan was to bomb the drug lord's hideout in northeastern burma using Unmanned aircraft.

14.this work presented a synthesized method for identification and modeling of a small-scale Unmanned helicopter in grey-box modeling framework.

15.the simulation is very important in the development of the autonomous flight control system for an Unmanned helicopter.

16.Unmanned post offices meant millions of letters went unsorted.

17.development and applications of the Unmanned air remote sensing vehicle exploit new technological measure of three-dimensional urban construction.

18.other one aspect of the matter of actual electrify word Unmanned conversation, one greets also is ego extemporaneous performance.

19.Unmanned tandem helicopter is an excellent aerial platform for reconnaissance, surveillance and search.

20.trim and controller design of low altitude Unmanned airship

21.it will become the world's longest endurance Unmanned aerial vehicle.

22.earlier media reports had said the u. s. central intelligence agency's an Unmanned aircraft launched an attack on the site.

23.data from the nasa skylab project and several Unmanned satellites are thoroughly analysed.

24.the high-altitude, long-endurance (hale) Unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) is used to carry out high reconnaissance or to head off missiles.

25.the sample application simulates the control technology for an Unmanned lunar lander module.

26.nato said the Unmanned aircraft destroyed a multiple rocket launcher used by pro-gadhafi forces near misrata.

27.according to the high performance and the miniaturized request, designed and has realized based on the dsp new Unmanned aerial vehicle flight control computer hardware's design and the development.

28.the cars are never Unmanned, thrun wrote. he said a backup driver is always behind the wheel to monitor the software.

29.the plan called for a gemini spacecraft carrying two astronauts to get close to an Unmanned satellite.

30.a rescue plan could be achieved by sending an Unmanned module to the space station.

31.this provides the feasibility of implementing tunnel automation and Unmanned operation in near future.

32.tool condition monitoring is the key technique in automatic and Unmanned machining process.

33.a missile attack from a drone or Unmanned aircraft killed him early friday in eastern yemen.

34.a method is presented for Unmanned helicopter flight dynamics model identification.

35.robot technology is an important technology for Unmanned combat vehicle.

36.this article studied the movement state estimation based on the vision image process for Unmanned helicopter ( uh) landing.

37.cannot be compared to this Unmanned auto docking. only russian is capable of Unmanned docking, no other country does so far.

38.nasa attempted to answer that with its Unmanned skylab module, launched into earth orbit in may 1973.

39.debug equipment for Unmanned aerial vehicle flight experiment was designed.

40.police station was dark and empty as it was Unmanned at this time of night (it is only a small rural town).