Tryst Sentence Examples | Use Tryst in a sentence turned out this woman had a lover who always sneaked in here for a secret Tryst, which is why she never went home.

2.whereas men once looked for a secretive Tryst, now they seek a mistress with no strings attached, a "girlfriend experience," and they are willing to pay top dollar for it.

3.the Tryst through different time and space& the comparative study of newly-edited stories by lu xun and bronze age by wang xiaobo the wake of the news, both kristen and rupert were quick to make public statements saying that their Tryst had been a mistake.

5.he wanders from job to job, lives as a squatter and enjoys a carefree romantic Tryst with a wealthy art dealer. even occurred to me that some enamoured maidservant had stolen in to keep a Tryst with her sweetheart.

7.i knew it was only in this upper air that it realized me a Tryst with this fantasy in the summertime of june. was not the place which she would have chosen for a Tryst such as she hoped this one would be.

9.i came out alone on my way to my Tryst.

10.when i go alone at night to my love-Tryst, birds do not sing, the wind does not stir , the houses on both sides of the street stand silent. fact, serena's Tryst with nate was thought to be the reason s left town-and still looms large over their friendship.

12.the first part is "the carnival Tryst", in which i mainly use carnivalization theory of bahtin to comparatively comprehend newly-edited stories by lu xun and bronze age by wang xiaobo.

13.they may scrub extra hard after a con job, use$ 40 hyacinth shampoo after a secret Tryst or book a weekend at a spa after a particularly ugly hit.

14.he says he did nothing illegal and did not pay an aide to keep quiet about their Tryst.

15.i have reserved for the conclusion of my "annabel" phase the account of our unsuccessful first Tryst.

16.when i go alone at night to my love-Tryst, birds do not sing , the wind dose not stir , the house on both sides of street stand silent. choosing sarah palin as his running-mate he made a cynical Tryst with a party base that he has never much liked and that has never much liked him.

18.then everyone would get drunk or wander off for a Tryst in a secluded temple.

19.this is also a time for lovers to Tryst and pray for togetherness, symbolized by the roundness of the moon.

20.frankly speaking, civilization means the artificial progression making a Tryst with technological advancement and modern science.

21."once a moment craved* a Tryst*"

22.long years ago we made a Tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially.

23.even after her father's suicide, yang lijuan insists that her number one priority is a personal Tryst with lau.

24.fang do taiwanese wu "mistresses, " though wu weekly to baise with her, but in a Tryst man days, fang still feel bored.

25.ivy went to a Tryst in a fancy dress last night.