Trusteeship Sentence Examples | Use Trusteeship in a sentence

1.on the loan of export drawback and account Trusteeship of commercial bank

2.the united states illegally included diaoyu dao under its Trusteeship

3.feeling fully capable of governing themselves, most koreans initially were against the Trusteeship. the agreement on Trusteeship of the archipelago entrusted by japan.

5.enterprise Trusteeship is to entrust an enterprise to another that is capable of management without changing its ownership.

6.diaoyu dao was not placed under the Trusteeship established by the treaty of san francisco, which was signed between the united states and other countries with japan and is partial in nature.

7.children are entrusted to their parents, and if their parents do not treat them properly, the state has a right to remove them from their parents 'Trusteeship.

8.the inherent change of state audit from the perspective of the evolution of public Trusteeship& in response to the immunity theory of audit

9.primarily through the above analysis, to our country the fund Trusteeship mode selection were defined, and introduced legislation to the trustees of the elective, duties and responsibilities of the relevant provisions.

10.entire undertaking of transformed employees ; transitional Trusteeship of employees seasonally and temporarily .

11.for the Trusteeship council has still not been brought into being, the build works were delayed.

12.the Trusteeship was created by the government in june to spin off opel and oversee the sales process.

13.the basic pattern of equity Trusteeship system-unitary legal regulation pattern-does not suit legal regulation of equity Trusteeship in china.

14.conduct title transaction or transactions of managerial authority by way of lease, contract, joint-venture and Trusteeship.

15.objective this article introduced the research about the evaluation synthetically and application of the objective hospitals in the process of annex and purchase of Trusteeship. directors of any fund management comp any may hold any post in any fund Trusteeship bank or any other fund management comp any.

17.supervise and administer according to law the issuance, transactions, registration, Trusteeship, and settlement of securities; introduce practice and experience of county hospital under lu'an people's hospital Trusteeship.

19.a new model of the Trusteeship of the public service equipment in community

20.the Trusteeship council shall adopt its own rules of procedure, including the method of selecting its president .

21.department for special political questions, regional cooperation, decolonization and Trusteeship

22.united nations task force on termination of Trusteeship

23.research on pharmacy Trusteeship of the economic of community health service

24.of course, this is a theory but the concept of quasi-Trusteeship has also been applied to territories under american protection.

25.decisions of the Trusteeship council shall be made by a majority of the members present and voting .

26.the united states arbitrarily expanded the scope of Trusteeship to include diaoyu dao, which is china's territory, and later returned the power of administration over diaoyu dao to japan. this has no legal basis and is totally invalid according to international law.

27.his Trusteeship is removed or he is declared bankrupt;

28.the comparison between "mandate system" and "international Trusteeship"

29.analyzing and evaluating the pharmacy Trusteeship mode in nanjing

30.under-secretary-general for Trusteeship and non-self-governing territories measurs of private data under Trusteeship

32.institutional disappearance and practice disorganization is the impetus to study relevant legal problems of enterprise Trusteeship.

33.a Trusteeship message mode of mpi for many-core architecture

34.Trusteeship agreement for the trust territory of the pacific islands

35.this paper mainly talk about practice pattern of drugstore Trusteeship and its impact on hospital. and practice on pharmacy Trusteeship community health service mechanism end the israeli occupation, the palestinian areas are considering the implementation of international Trusteeship.

38.but when the soviets called for the Trusteeship, those factions with communist sympathies sided with the soviet union.