Trumpet Sentence Examples | Use Trumpet in a sentence

1.we're not going to have his Trumpet.

2.i was crazy when they continue to blowing my little Trumpet.

3.i want a Trumpet, two tubas and a bugle.

4.from chongqing, like to play flute and Trumpet.

5.i eliminated the Trumpet and began to style him.

6.soldiers stood all around the knave of hearts, and near the king was the white rabbit, with a Trumpet in one hand.

7.there are some wonderful Trumpet and trombone solos in the piece.

8.colin: just piano, guitar, Trumpet, drums and bass.

9.he played the Trumpet in the duke ellington orchestra for many years.

10.and near the king was the white rabbit, with a Trumpet in one hand, and a scroll of parchment in the other.

11.his playing as a Trumpet player was quite revolutionary.

12.the elephants Trumpeted and stamped their feet at their approach.

13.if one album had to explain jazz, a strong candidate would be "kind of blue" by the Trumpet player and bandleader miles davis.

14.can you play the piano, Trumpet and drum or guitar?

15.the Trumpet can be heard all over their house

16.he sounded the Trumpet.

17."big Trumpet has no secret!" the driver laughed, too.

18.the fact that he doesn't seem to blow his own Trumpet makes it all the more admirable.

19.chinese officials do not hesitate to Trumpet the point as they rejoice in the shift in the balance of economic power to asia.

20.he played a tune on his Trumpet.

21.can you play a song on the Trumpet?

22.nobody should be Trumpeting about chemical weapons

23.i guess i'd better go practice my Trumpet, huh, dad!

24.saying to the sixth angel which had the Trumpet, loose the four angels which are bound in the great river euphrates. was Trumpeted that the nation's health was improving.

26.jones hasn't touched a Trumpet in 10 years.

27.the much Trumpeted 'tax cuts' in the 1980s.

28.a puppet poet's wearing a violet helmet and blowing a magnetic Trumpet on a toilet planet.

29.he wowed audiences and other musicians with his brilliant Trumpet playing.

30.then saul had the Trumpet blown throughout the land and said, "let the hebrews hear! "

31.mark morris, who is Trumpeted as the dance talent of his generation

32.he was standing beside the king. he was holding a Trumpet and a piece of paper, and looked very important.

33.jack: no, but i can play the Trumpet. that time, his virtuosity on the Trumpet had no parallel in jazz.

35.when a Trumpet sounds in a city, do not the people tremble? when disaster comes to a city, has not the lord caused it?

36.andy was standing by the garage with his Trumpet. he and his mother had just got back from his lesson.

37.i don't think i know of any duets for piano and Trumpet.

38.the Trumpet and trombone are brass instruments.

39.the government has been Trumpeting tourism as a growth industry