Trophy Sentence Examples | Use Trophy in a sentence

1.the Trophy is very impressive and rather special because it has a beautiful green patina

2.a participation Trophy for anyone over the age of 6 just ends up devaluing the meaning of a real Trophy.

3.again we see that the best Trophy for a celt was the head of an enemy worthy of praise and even lamentation.

4.the day he was at the top of the pop song world, he cried for a time holding the Trophy in his hands.

5.a Trophy or a medal.

6.he held the Trophy proudly aloft.

7.the winner was presented with a Trophy.

8.they are determined to win back the Trophy. he landed a valuable prize.

9.i can't believe i've had my picture taken with him and the premier league Trophy.

10.i know how important this Trophy is for my husband.

11.the golfer is pictured on many of the front pages, kissing his Trophy as he holds it aloft.

12."this year we are trying to go for that Trophy, to win it, " he said.

13.he went on to win the james e. sullivan memorial Trophy as the outstanding amateur athlete of 1962., your first Trophy.

15.he finished third in the tote gold Trophy. will be hoping to bring the Trophy back to spain — sorry, catalonia — for the first time.

17.sami has all the characteristics to do a fine job. his ambition now will be to lift the Trophy in his own right.

18.more importantly to the cavaliers' current disposition, james should be able to pick up the Trophy with his right arm.

19.the silver Trophy was donated by a leicester businessman.

20.the Trophy was bestowed upon the winner.

21.he lifted the Trophy up and kissed it. his athletic career he win three cup and many other Trophy.

23.can you imagine if i said to roman abramovich at chelsea, 'please give me five years and i will try to win you one Trophy?

24.the winner of the competition receives a Trophy and a medal. should see an alcove with the Trophy. the loser he said: "you're a great player, you're going to win this Trophy very soon, i'm sure of that. "

27.if i take the Trophy, maybe they couldn't see my face.

28.what sticks in my throat is that i wasn't able to win the Trophy

29.he had heard that the Trophy had been sold

30."it's hard to talk about favourites in the cup because for birmingham it's the only chance they get to win a Trophy this season, " he said.

31.another Trophy to add to my collection!'s just another Trophy to him.

33.engraved the champion's name on the Trophy.

34.this is the unsub's Trophy. i am back and we'll see if i can play in the tim Trophy.

36.and she was a serious student; to get a smile out of her was like winning a Trophy.

37.his darts Trophy takes pride of place on the mantelpiece.

38.he took his enemy's sword as a Trophy.

39.sean carried all before him in our club's tennis tournament and won the champion's Trophy.