Triamine Sentence Examples | Use Triamine in a sentence

1.imidazoline corrosion inhibitor yq-01 was synthesized with hexadecanoic acid, diethylene Triamine, maleic acid anhydride.

2.solvents of dissolution ps plastic foam are mix solvents of dimethylbenzene, ethyl acetate and n-butyl alcohol. dtpa ( diethylene Triamine penta-aceticacid) on new synthesis process and application of diethylene Triamine pentamethylene phosphonic acid

4.synergistic scale-inhibition effect of bis ( hexamethylene Triamine penta ( methylene phosphonic acid)) and magnetic field on calcium carbonate ca-aluminate-silicate base

5.experimental observation on germicidal efficacy and toxicity of compound disinfectant of Triamine chloride glycine

6.diethylene Triamine penta methylene phosphonic acid ( dtpmp) is applied to hydration resistance treatment of anodic oxide films, which treating method is same as that of atmp.

7.synthesize product the Triamine a and Triamine b can be used as nucleating agent of polyolefin and observe the nucleating effect of the nucleating agent.

8.the letdown of waste water with 2-iso- Triamine not only pollute environment, but also easily cause burning and explosion.

9.low m w liquid epoxy resin is reacted with diethylene Triamine to form amino terminated epoxy-amine adduct, which is further blocked and neutralized to for the title crosslinker or waterborne epoxy resin coatings.

10.with the existence of toluene, cross linked polymethyl acrylate can react with divinyl Triamine, the higher the aminolysis rate is, the better the function of macropore strong base anion exchange resin of acrylic acid from quaterisation will be.

11.taking chloropropylene oxide, phosphoric anhydride, divinyl Triamine as raw materials, the stable and hydrophilic flame retardant was synthesized.

12.preparation of a chelating flocculant grafted with diethylene Triamine and its performance in the removal of mercury when cotton and man-made fibers are combined, it is common for the cotton fibers to receive the combing step before the two types of fibers are combined.

13.using~ ( 99m) tc-diethylene Triamine pentaacetic acid (~ ( 99m)~ tc-dtpa) plasma clearance by dual plasma sampling method as reference gfr ( rgfr), the original abbreviated mdrd equation was modified by the following two methods.