Transparent Sentence Examples | Use Transparent in a sentence lighter are flaxen and Transparent.

2.the reason ctra has created a clean driving environment is through the fair and Transparent driver education.

3.changes to physical resources and reassignments can also be Transparent to software.

4.vitreous material to move the door or other glass Transparent in surface should be colored, or have obvious pattern.

5.her limbs were insubstantial, almost Transparent. is studied that intermodulation products of Transparent transponder satcom system with interference.

7.we have checks and balances in place to ensure Transparent and accountable management.

8.if, as a client, you have found a truly skilful manager, you really do not want their holdings to be Transparent, public knowledge.

9.synchronized access to shared resources should allow for Transparent serialization and scheduling.

10.this is a Transparent backboard.

11.a Transparent effort by officials to blame foreigners

12.the company has to make its accounts and operations as Transparent as possible. the same time, leaders must become more authentic and Transparent.

14.this process is entirely Transparent to the application.

15.the housing is sealable connectable to a vessel and is at least partially Transparent to electromagnetic radiation. open and Transparent.

17.we are very Transparent on this issue. it should be, all of this is Transparent to you.

19.all of this is Transparent to the user.

20.we need a Transparent financial system. practice, the extent to which policymakers choose to be Transparent depends on both the economic environment and the objective of policy.

22.amid calls for an inquiry into australia's media industry, she said news limited had a responsibility to be Transparent. my Transparent efforts are more honest and admirable. we have attracted long term investors because we have been very Transparent how we operate.

25.the water looks Transparent.

26.using this technique that large, empty Transparent color only powerful. is critical that this process be orderly, Transparent and sustained.

28.he thought he could fool people with Transparent deceptions.

29."why? ? hotel manager says: " because you are bending over to go up in the Transparent scuttle of our dining-room now!

30.we are now striving hard to establish a Transparent parliamentary democracy

31.colour: blue, green, pink and Transparent.

32.however, a senior goldman banker told a uk parliamentary committee last week that the bank should have been more Transparent.

33.amber is often used in jewelery. it is the Transparent yellow, green or honey-colored "stone" .

34.he was totally Transparent with his books. the entire team could see how much he put in.

35.pure water is Transparent.

36.the optimists will argue that the sooner prices are marked down in a Transparent way, the sooner the recovery may begin.

37.the poem's comic allegory was Transparent.

38.they clearly state that the process of ethical review should be independent, objective, just and Transparent.

39.i looked at his thin face with its almost Transparent skin.

40.we pride ourselves on our Transparent, disciplined and repeatable investment process.