Transparencies Sentence Examples | Use Transparencies in a sentence made Transparencies of her eyelids and nostrils and set fire on her lips.

2.nature and feature of project: creating a sparkling interior of metal and glass; the continuous play of reflections, refraction and Transparencies gives us peeks of the original structures.

3.checkerboard test chart of Transparencies for television

4.the roles of surface frequencies, cumulative morpheme frequencies, and semantic Transparencies in the processing of compound words; one of his first meetings at ibm, lou gerstner was listening to a briefing by one of his lieutenants, who was using an overhead projector and Transparencies.

6.ohp, Transparencies, tape recorder, tape, sign boards and headwear.

7.decalcomania, for decorative or utility purposes ( excl. window Transparencies) optical device for viewing photographic Transparencies. with palettes of your own shapes, and use layers, gradients, Transparencies and connectors.

10.he abandoned the noiseless Transparencies and pointed at the centre of the spreading rings like a setter.

11.visual cryptography scheme has its shortcomings: the contrast and resolution are decreased, and the pixel expansion makes the size of the share Transparencies very big.

12.quality of distribution test chart of Transparencies for television

13.defection distortion test chart of Transparencies for television

14.after dropping a small stone into still water, we saw ripples going out in all directions. he abandoned the noiseless Transparencies and pointed at the centre of the spreading rings like a setter.

15.however, in the tang ago, only a porcelain Transparencies, scholars have not been universally popular class.

16.optical orthophotoscope in colour prints or Transparencies, it is the effect of achieving correct colour values using colour filters.

17.they are largely out of date, useful only to create dancing babies or to sometimes create rough Transparencies. architectural and technical drawings, different layers or Transparencies are often overlaid to assemble the complete design solution.

19.registration test chart b of Transparencies for television

20.the heat stabilities and Transparencies of stearates of rare earth metals except scandium and promethium used as heat stabilizers as pvc were studied.

21.prints and Transparencies produced from electronic sources. assessment of image quality.

22.a thin sheet or strip of developed photographic negatives or Transparencies.

23.grayscale test chart of a Transparencies for television

24.some color Transparencies and minor coloring differences may be present.

25.a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or Transparencies. ddd [ 2,2-bis ( p* chloro phenyl)-1,1-dichloroethane]

26.decorated glass ( by-painting, printing, window Transparencies or any other method)

27.preparing the Transparencies shouldn't take long.

28.i don't want to discuss abstract Transparencies with a bunch of kooks.

29.circular zone test chart of Transparencies for television

30.the presentation should be10 minutes in length, and may be presented either electronically ( using the pc projector) or on overhead Transparencies.

31.the outlines of the neuroanatomical structures are drawn onto Transparencies which are scanned.

32.Transparencies can be worked out on a light table, but prints prove to be of value also.

33.he was using old slides, not even the Transparencies of the early 90s, but slides in square frames.

34.personal computers and user-friendly software have revolutionized overhead Transparencies' dynamic, imaginative production.

35.the role of semantic Transparencies in the processing of compound words; the masked repetition priming effect of emotional words with different encoding tasks