Transparence Sentence Examples | Use Transparence in a sentence

1.the study on the structure, Transparence and electricity properties of transition mental doped zno films

2.the Transparence and robustness of watermarking can easily be seen through the results of test.

3.the initial research provides a solution to enhance security and Transparence of the process of container transportation, realize the real-time capture, real-time monitoring and real-time management.

4.information Transparence and information security& considerations of the campus network event deal with worsening network security problems, a trusted computer system model for network applications was developed based on the Transparence computing paradigm.

6.the film made of metallocene polyethylene resin possessed good Transparence and exhibited superior dart impact strength and tear strength. is a new trading way, online investment trading can reduce the cost by leap and bounds, improve the Transparence of trading and break the restrict of time and space.

8.the rate of surviving amnion, the vision, corneal Transparence were compared between two groups.

9.the experimental results demonstrate that the method possess good vision effect and Transparence .

10.constructing capital market order with the kernel of market Transparence

11.characteristics shining, Transparence, light colors, excellently recyclable .

12.development system evaluations of single chip microcomputers and the research on improving Transparence technology

13.results &conclusion: purchasing online can enhance work efficiency, increase the operational Transparence and greatly reduce errors.

14.the change of urine glucose and body weight were monitored and Transparence of lens was observed by slit lamp biomicroscope weekly.

15.the morphologic change of inside diameter of micrangium of venous skin flaps were observed in different phase by using optical microscopy, electron microscopy and Transparence method of perfusion of chinese ink.

16.this paper introduces some effective methods to improve the Transparence of glass bottles as well as their practical application.

17.Transparence principle is one of the most important, elementary principles and goals in wto.

18.serviceregistering to service publication layer implements the Transparence of service'slocation. roofing brings satisfactory effect of Transparence, making the interior space and the sky merging into the whole.

20.information sharing can increase the Transparence of companies and decrease the effect of bullwhip.

21.their burning Transparence has something of the lightness of great purifications.

22.this article discussed it in three aspects: correspondence, Transparence, and stability.

23.a method, employing ultraviolet light to irradiate a mixture of3-methacryloxypropyltri-methoxysilanesilane ( maptms) and hcl for preparation of Transparence hybrid material, was reported.

24.its Transparence is high, so it's convenient to recognize the goods inside.

25.dimensional measurement, defects, defect area, defect measurements, Transparence.

26.test and analysis some properties such as crystal structure, superficial resistivity, light Transparence, absorption coefficient etc.

27.this paper mainly summarizes Transparence mechanism, preparation method and production and application status of transparent abs.

28.the system implemented the data Transparence really and provided the automatic data integration to the greatest extent. has the following characters: user oriented accounting, user Transparence and quick forwarding speed.

30.the example shows that the design of control property class must be considered its application Transparence and modification seal.

31.the effects of ncl and ppn on the deformation and phase transition temperature and Transparence as well as gas barrier of pet/ pen/ ppn/ ncl polymerization and the chips were discussed.

32.mmnc system can show the Transparence computing is feasible and effective.

33.general flow management platform makes the electric power management information system more general and portable, and improves the Transparence of workflow and the flexibility of system distinctly.

34.compared with the existing solutions, the new solution has some advantages, such as good Transparence, high performance, wide usage and easy implementation.

35.this product has high Transparence, excellent defoaming capability and repeated adhesive ability.

36.the results show that after modifying, starch viscosity and freeze-thaw stability decreased, Transparence and emulsifiability were improved.

37.hydrated silicon dioxide with such three layers structure has good Transparence and is easily crashed and dispersed.

38.the wavelet coefficients are selected by human visual system ( hvs) to ensure the Transparence of watermarking.

39.having super thin high-Transparence toughened glass layer or acryl protective layer on the surface of lcd panel for protection.