transnational Sentence Examples | Use transnational in a sentence

1.companies operating internationally are moving toward transnational business and it strategies.

2.transnational groups through mergers and acquisitions and achievement in our capital expansion to the market rapidly occupation.

3.transnational companies are encouraged to locate their regional headquarters and r& d centers in china.

4.what does transnational enterprise management system include?

5.zagreb declaration on international cooperation on counter-terrorism, corruption and the fight against transnational organized crime;

6.the group company has set up cooperation relationship with a batch of famous transnational enterprises. there a transnational anthropology?

8.the right opportunity for you wouldcome along soon. you know, music is transnational. is one of the most effective means to struggle with the transnational crime of laundering that world confiscates.

10.second, we are committed to expand cooperation with china on a range of pressing transnational issues.

11.take a look at tragicomedy that this transnational curtains marriage feels attached to, we are able to what to gain enlightenment from?

12.transnational merger and acquisition is a hot topic in our country these years, especially in security sector.

13.transnational companies 'entrance into china has created numerous business opportunities for china's small and medium-sized enterprises. security problems are cropping up in the form of terrorism, transnational crimes, environmental degradation and drug trafficking.

15.this paper includes six parts: the first part is a summary of transnational mergers and acquisitions. one form of the online transmission, the online advertising stands out in terms of its d transnational nature. member is prepared to cede its national sovereignty, even on an issue as patently transnational as the mekong.

18.but we have a new target, to be a transnational company.

19.usa merrill-keller investment group is an investment, finance and international trade as one of transnational capital operating organs.

20.i urge all states to become parties to the united nations convention against transnational organized crime.

21.this is the duty that every enterprise, and especially every transnational enterprise, has to society. arrangements and agreements related to transnational corporation addition, technological and social changes are adding a number of important transnational issues to the global agenda such as climate change, pandemics, terrorism, organized crime, and cyber crime.

24.we have no transnational law for cyberspace.

25.firearms control protocol of the un convention against transnational organized crime;

26.she found a good-paying job with a transnational company.

27.transnational firms are also patenting human chromosomes, cells, tissues and organs.

28.chapter three makes a concrete comment on the international law control of the transnational corporation's investments.

29.the big five: revenue and market share of leading transnational tobacco companies.

30.a translation and negotiator with the identity of different transnational buyers to negotiate.

31.whatever the figure turns out to be, hon hai is a nimble transnational company, able to move production around as circumstances change.

32.american agricultural products and high-tech products, together with transnational capital and technology roll into mainland china ceaselessly.

33.i can understand that the branches of a transnational corporation should be independent in their financing and accounting.

34.china has become one of the major destination countries of international capital and investments of transnational companies. our programmes will have a strong appeal for transnational companies.

36.todd: the right opportunity for you would come along soon. you know, music is transnational.

37.the consequences seem to be a scene that transnational music corporations are internationalizing the music industries and culture in china.

38.transnational corporations have to create value and social wealth continuously to survive and develop. and transnational nature of cyber-crime efforts of the international community to work together, extensive cooperation.

40.chapter two probes into the investments of transnational corporation and the control with host country's law in detail.