Transmuting Sentence Examples | Use Transmuting in a sentence

1.each person stimulates a latent disharmony in the other, but each person contains within himself the means of Transmuting that disharmony. more of you take up a position of projecting the positive energies all around you, so it is Transmuting the energy of fear that is still prevalent upon the earth. the mean time, the penalty function was improved by Transmuting the inequality constrained optimization problem into single target optimization one.

4.classical chinese short stories: Transmuting theme of love

5.he practices in his literary works his faith that an artist isa priest of eternal imagination, Transmuting the daily bread of experience into the radiant body of ever living life ( joyce, 1947: 490). cannot hold good as the light reveals what has been happening, and is Transmuting the lower energies. the past half year , in the outskirt of the little city , me and the person of his world both were Transmuting .

8.creating the habit of alternating between reading and writing is an even more effective means for Transmuting your boredom.

9.because lead is stable, forcing it to release three protons requires a vast input of energy, such that the cost of Transmuting it greatly surpasses the value of the resulting gold. an era when books, movies, music, and newsprint are Transmuting from atoms to bits, money remains irritatingly analog. elaborate on some of my ideas about Transmuting internalization.

12.Transmuting and embedding: small farmers in the process of village modernization is probing and Transmuting the lower energies, and is causing a stirring of new consciousness levels. of the possible midway application of fusion energy to Transmuting nuclear wastes produced from nuclear power plants by utilizing the energetic fusion neutrons based on spherical tokamak reactor has been discussed.

15.the accelerator-driven system ( ads-accelerator driven systems) for Transmuting radioactive waste and producing power has gained more and more attentions in nuclear physics.

16.however, as we have often pointed out recently, the light is now the supreme force and it will continue Transmuting the lower energies.

17.intend that you and your future ancestors master completely Transmuting each and every layer of destructive thought form.

18.the enforcement of erp is an important thought Transmuting and it emphasizes the macrocosmic layout, distributed enforcement, coordination and unification.

19.together we have to continue Transmuting the dark energies, and thus weaken their ability to interfere with the process of change.

20.on supervisors 'Transmuting during middle and late ming dynasty

21.real ascension creates a fourth dimensional body that is ascended into gradually and over time by Transmuting thought-form until it becomes fourth dimensional in nature.