Transmute Sentence Examples | Use Transmute in a sentence

1.and so it shall continue, as the further earth goes up in vibration, the faster she shall Transmute herself into yet a higher vibration.

2.we can Transmute water power into electrical power. must therefore be thorough, allowing all parts of the form to Transmute as necessary, and give the form every nutrient necessary to bring forth it's biological transmutation.

4.those creations with too much darkness had not enough light to Transmute the dark, and fell and fell in frequency.

5.lightworkers steadfastly respond with moves that Transmute the lower energies, ensuring that they do not affect their own high standards. is in constant contact with the brain stem and thymus to assure that the form has the right amount of each chemical necessary to continue to Transmute the body in ascension.

7.a radioactive atom could Transmute itself into an entirely different kind of atom.

8.when the cube opens, place both pieces of the staff into it and use the cube's Transmute power.

9.she ceased to think, as anger Transmuted into passion

10.the angelic realms can help you Transmute that which no longer serves you back into the love that is at any time.

11.medieval alchemists attempted to Transmute base metals into gold.

12.these entities, even while occupying a body, could Transmute matter.

13.a german alchemist tried to Transmute silver into gold.

14.matter rearrangement. you Transmute one metal to another.

15.any potential travesty is avoided by choosing to release or return the karma and Transmute the thought-form instead.

16.i choose to evolve beyond this and Transmute the thought-form at cause;

17.on the out of the airport, ding li has magically Transmute something into a "real" cake in front of her. was a time when, according to his manifesto, his political views began to Transmute.

19.when many of you do so, there is a surprising amount of power generated that will Transmute the dark energies. is a long-road train, as there are still many things to learn, Transmute and improve;

21.the sixth shall throw down the walls of ireland and Transmute its forests into a level plain.

22.these nuclides will exert a radiological hazard on the biotic environment, if do not Transmute them in the radiant field.

23.this is achieved by the flow of electrons through the crystals, combined with its ability to resonate, amplify and Transmute your own personal energy.

24.soul will show one how to transcend and Transmute such patterning so that one may create another life experience into the future. one enters the discordant frequencies in order to Transmute them, such frequencies make the form feel tired, depressed, or even ill with flue like symptoms. autumn, some of the pine trees turn amber yellow, while the deciduous trees Transmute their green leaves into patches of bright yellow, orange, and scarlet.

27.your aim is to exist in physicality and have such an understanding, that you can Transmute the lower energies and lift the vibrations.

28.then you will be in position to Transmute your desires into their physical or financial counterpart as easily as you may lie down and quit at the first sign of opposition.

29.and as you do that, as you walk through the fears, you Transmute all energies and turn them into an energy of love.

30.that is all you need for your protection, as it will deflect or Transmute the dark energies.

31.the "normal" thing is for a particle to undergo decay and Transmute itself into other lighter particles.

32.the old alchemists sought the philosopher's stone which was to Transmute base metals to gold, and an elixir of immortality; will in time Transmute or disintegrate, as a point will be reached when it cannot remain any longer.

34.however, emperor's stroke covered up the disaster that supervisors began to divide and Transmute .

35.scientists Transmuted matter into pure energy and exploded the first atomic bomb. is possible to Transmute one form of energy into another. is this strength and this confidence that will give your practice the power to Transmute the suffering of others.