Transmutation Sentence Examples | Use Transmutation in a sentence

1.reflection to the Transmutation of chinese aesthetic culture in 30 years

2.who said that the beautiful Transmutation is unrealistic?

3.the aesthetical Transmutation of the pan-media era is closely associated with the new media technology.

4.i shall now speak to you of the experiments which have led us to obtain by Transmutation new radioactive elements.

5.they consist of twelve tablets of emerald green, formed from a substance created through alchemical Transmutation.

6.the neutronic computation and analysis is performed to assess the technical feasibility of Transmutation of long-lived actinides using fusion-fission hybrid reactors by the above code system.

7.Transmutation of credit into income is why the profitability of the financial system can be illusory.

8.the transformation of mediocrity into genius through Transmutation. a result, imports of high-end furniture, the layout of the capital or Transmutation.

10.a new deformation mode of the simply-supported beam is presented, which considers not only the deflection and slope but also the plane Transmutation in the cross section. involves the Transmutation of fear within you, first and foremost.

12.well, it is through the biological Transmutation of the form to a significantly higher frequency that this becomes so.

13.precisely the same phenomena recur during that more recent Transmutation of european society which entirely substituted the feudal form of property for the domainial and the allodial. order for any language of light tone to be capable of Transmutation, it must be thoroughly embraced.

15.the old creations of yours are unable to be carried forward, so consequently there is much to do by way of Transmutation.

16.the post-museum era: constructing multiple pan-museum through inheritance and Transmutation soon as they do, one of the greatest miracles happens: the awakening of being-consciousness through what appears as evil, the Transmutation of suffering into inner peace.

18.ideology and art in the double Transmutation of night song collection& simple and refreshing realism and still strong personal lyric

19.even to this day, the Transmutation has already taken place in sex education, but as a kind of folk culture, playing in bridal chamber should be kept.

20.the more important thing is how you experience each Transmutation and excellence of every course in the years of the flower.

21.concurrent evolution within the great central sun shall allow all species upon all dimensions to share their records and share patterns from the past, present and future in need of Transmutation.

22.grasp the logic of the dissimilation theorys Transmutation accurately and historically, and then we can grasp the essence of marxian philosophy revolution.

23.the Transmutation of the elements was no longer the privilege of the radioactive substances alone.

24.this hydrogen came from the bombarded atoms themselves: it was the result of a Transmutation .

25.on the subversion of omnipotent model& analysis on the Transmutation of economic coverage for 60 years

26.the sweating allows for the toxins to leave via the pores of the skin that are being cast off in the biological Transmutation process.

27.Transmutation of the view of values of ideas for modern women physical education in china

28.but the complexion even of external things seemed to suffer Transmutation as her announcement progressed. direction and Transmutation correct for screen digital map

30.the pattern transform and Transmutation: on the spiritual trend of the new-period realistic literature a world where very few individual companies can command such a lofty rating, this Transmutation makes such instruments highly appealing.

32.therefore often what seems to be undesirable conflict is the result of the Transmutation of the old in preparation for the new.

33.aesthetic experience and the Transmutation in aesthetic habits of the modern novels

34.this hydrogen came from the bombarded atoms themselves: it was the result of a Transmutation. was a renowned alchemist who proved that the "miraculous" properties of vitriol springs had nothing to do with true Transmutation.

36.research on Transmutation of urban-rural transition region based on remote sensing analysis in wuxi

37.the alteration of linguistic signs is the direct cause of the cultural Transmutation in the mass media.

38.religious Transmutation of the era of the book of songs and historical accumulation of the cultural tradition