Transmogrification Sentence Examples | Use Transmogrification in a sentence this paper, the earth-filled dams basic forms of permeating distortion collapsed is studied in the domestic and international in the past, based on the analysis result of the permeating Transmogrification critical water gradient and the basal method of new technology of anti-seepage strengthen and permeating calculation.

2.the Transmogrification of the second important extreme limit also match "the quaternity method" ;

3.according to piping vertical Transmogrification formula, it showed that requirement of ring stiffness could be reduced if well laying, and emphasized the importance of pipe laying.

4.elastic statics mainly relates to the connection between force and Transmogrification, elastic body's invalidation, the guide line of design in invalidation.

5.the biggest Transmogrification position is on the gemels of moving plate and parallelism mechanism.

6.stainless steel/ mild steel bimetallic rod is made by putting stainless steel rod into mild steel tube, which is diffused after Transmogrification at high temperature.

7.the three different edit method, achieved the collar Transmogrification completely.

8.the electromagnetic interference phenomenon and its preventing measure during the Transmogrification test of transformer winding

9.the actual forming process is a dynamics process, base on the true producing condition, the mechanical model is established. using the finite element software, the landscape orientation Transmogrification process is numerical simulated.

10.second, according to the neck width, designed the 2d neck line Transmogrification skill;

11.this violent and unnatural reversal of russian policy was a Transmogrification of which only totalitarian states are capable.

12.welded bellows are a kind of new developed component, which have two prominent advantages: large Transmogrification quantity and long duration.

13.the nuclear fuel elements Transmogrification detection system

14.because of the limited view field of ccd, blurry image is conduced by heat Transmogrification when the part is heated.

15.the analysis and policy of Transmogrification for higher vte colleges promoted from vte schools

16.discussion about expiating Transmogrification could improve the veracity of estimating the speed of accident car