Transmitting Sentence Examples | Use Transmitting in a sentence this paper, the principle of ultra-wideband multiaccess communication is analyzed with the Transmitting signal.

2.the message they are Transmitting to their daughters is very different from that of previous generations

3.ngf seems to be involved in Transmitting the pain signal. as a consequence, blocking ngf reduces chronic pain.

4.the hot communication technology of the time was the fax machine - astoundingly capable of Transmitting a document over a telephone line.

5.this design has been used in a wireless Transmitting equipment. the control module works well.

6."radar Transmitting, receiving and radio link equipment" the tem instrument system includes receiver and transmitter. interconnecting circuit between two or more locations for the purpose of Transmitting and receiving data.

8.a system of signals used to represent letters or numbers in Transmitting messages. this method, the information signal and error from an adaptive controller are injected into Transmitting system.

10.this will make you more open to sharing and Transmitting culture later on in life.

11.the e-mail is made, receiving and Transmitting the e-mail, the e-mail of appended document.

12.there was no danger of Transmitting the infection through operations. also analyzes the relationship between alienation, domestication and the Transmitting of meme.

14.north korea's official news agency said the country had sent a satellite into orbit, where it was Transmitting revolutionary songs.

15.a coding system used for Transmitting messages requiring brevity or secrecy. station: a parabolic antenna and associated electronics for receiving and Transmitting satellite signals.

17.the utility model also discloses the Transmitting end and the receiving end of the wireless digital tracker for children.

18.she is always in pursuit of her true self and meaning of life, meanwhile Transmitting her understandings to her audience and people around.

19.this paper describes the Transmitting and dispatching technology of large container inspection system.

20.wireless temperature transmitter using low power consumption cpu control technology to control digital temperature sensor and wireless Transmitting module.

21.both intelligence and mechanical dexterity appear to be necessary to make radio Transmitting devices for communication between the stars. phones communicate by Transmitting radio waves through a network of fixed antennas called base stations.

23.the channel time allocation with Transmitting video stream was studied.

24.his assignment was to see whether light might be an alternative to microwaves as a vehicle for Transmitting information over long distances.

25.compared with that, the Transmitting speed of the access net has been a bottleneck all along.

26.but each way of Transmitting and learning is also a hierarchy of accomplishment and aspiration.

27.this raises the question as to what is optimal quantity, content, accuracy and speed of Transmitting information.

28.the codecs used for Transmitting audio are g.711 and g.723.

29.bluetooth system is a new communication Transmitting system, it's development outlook is wide.

30.the pointer position of the rotary vane meter is equipped with a pulse switch used for Transmitting a pulse signal to the control system.

31.the selection of the insulator applied for a large power very low frequency Transmitting antenna were studied.

32.the Transmitting beam steering and receiving digital beam forming ( dbf) is the key technology of digital radar.

33.this system fully uses the advantages of can-bus just as long data-Transmitting distance, fast speed, reliable transmit and low cost etc.

34.ground Transmitting and receiving equipment they were poised for departure.

35.transmission quality of pcm telemetry system is related to both the Transmitting and receiving equipment of the system.

36.a support network is Transmitting information to him through the device.

37.a channel or conductor capable of Transmitting signals.

38.the cooperative diversity can increase network throughput, reduce Transmitting power and suppress channel fading effects.

39.the article studied the auto-controlling system of radio and tv Transmitting machine in recent years.

40.the Transmitting end and the receiving end include a mpu and a wireless communication chip respectively.