Transmitted Sentence Examples | Use Transmitted in a sentence

1.because the sct is often Transmitted over a non-secure network, it must be protected.

2.the telescreen received and Transmitted simultaneously.

3.for example, data in dynacache and the security subject cache are Transmitted using dcs. this stage, there is no evidence that she Transmitted the infection to any patients under her care or to colleagues at the hospital.

5.the power developed by the engine is Transmitted to the wheels by some essential parts.

6.the wastewater samples is Transmitted by an air-operated aspirator to the liquid injection valve.

7.the images of the moon's surface were Transmitted back to earth and printed out

8.i have Transmitted the coordinates to your bridge.

9.the marburg virus is Transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected persons.

10.the data from all (h)ad converters is all Transmitted using a usb tool connection to a laptop which records data directly to its hard drive.

11.i know the ways which hiv is Transmitted.

12.this information can be stored locally or Transmitted in real time to a remote logging system.

13.purity balls are one of the newest ways that christians are trying to keep their children chaste and free of sexually-Transmitted diseases.

14.produced or Transmitted or modulated in short bursts or pulses.

15.the message has been Transmitted via http. or more message segments Transmitted among terminals, application programs, and systems.

17.because of the interconnected nature of finance, one institution's liquidity crisis can swiftly be Transmitted around the system.

18.television is increasingly being Transmitted by satellites.

19.each storage unit is coupled with a third end of a corresponding switch for receiving the data Transmitted from a corresponding data line.

20.sends and receives messages Transmitted by administrators or by the alerter service.

21.there was no vibration Transmitted to the handles and the machine wasn't noisy either.

22.he Transmitted his keen enjoyment of singing to the audience.

23.such a system might be extended in multiple relays, so that the qubits in a key could be Transmitted across continents or oceans.

24.the notice shall be deemed to have been received if the transmission slip records that it was Transmitted to that number.

25.first, power can be Transmitted over a great distance with practically negligible loss if it is carried by electric current.

26.the bonds were Transmitted by carrier.

27.the information is electronically Transmitted to schools and colleges

28.this does not take into consideration the increase in other sexually Transmitted diseases which the ministry did not speak on.

29.the game was Transmitted live in spain and italy

30.the oral message was incorrectly Transmitted.

31.because ssl encrypts Transmitted messages for confidentiality, no malicious third party can steal the messages.

32.some communicable diseases are Transmitted only through the agency of vermin or insects.

33.he held a lot of real estate and Transmitted it to his heirs. signals can be Transmitted along cables without distortion.

35.this document must be Transmitted throughout the country. data communication, Transmitted and received messages. i/ o port through which data is Transmitted and received serially, used for communicating with terminals.