Transmittance Sentence Examples | Use Transmittance in a sentence

1.mesure the Transmittance of the etalon and the wind profile using the receiver in the molecule wind lidar system.

2.when end product burning, the minimum light Transmittance should not less than 30%.

3.rubber compounding ingredients - carbon black - determination of light Transmittance of toluene extract.

4.calculation method for airplane ir radiation and atmospheric Transmittance

5.characteristics: the best heat resistance, weather resistance pmma is colorless and transparent, the Transmittance is the best plastic than glass high, the light through the range;

6.protective cover made of high strength engineering plastics, high light Transmittance, high strength protective.

7.with higher sun light Transmittance, can raise photoelectric transformation efficiency.

8.a very low frequency of Transmittance to visceral tissue was confirmed in pigs, but not in sheep.

9.specular Transmittance shows the skin like it exists naturally, like glass.

10.results: the content and light Transmittance of the products are increased according to the designed production process.

11.eliminating clouding in the same way in agricultural films increases the Transmittance of sunlight, which helps crops grow.

12.rubber compounding ingredients-carbon black-determination of light Transmittance of toluene extract.

13.system can be configured to be used in Transmittance mode or reflectance mode.

14.the Transmittance is central to the theory of radioactive cooling.

15.densitometer: instrument used to measure the optical density of an area in a processed image by Transmittance or by reflectance. surface emissivity and atmospheric Transmittance are the two key parameters which are used to retrieve lst. this letter, comparative studies of the optical Transmittance, microstructure, chemical composition, optical absorption, and laser-induced damage threshold ( lidt) of the two films are conducted. on-line inspecting system for protein content of a grain during the grain processing process is set up by means of near-infrared Transmittance spectral analysis technique.

19.the result shows that the Transmittance of the prisms is greatly influenced by the thickness and the refractive index of the cementing layer.

20.the quantitative analysis of the Transmittance and the absorbance of edematous opaque corneas with varying degrees

21.better Transmittance , no bubble , it may satisfy higher requirement of daylighting, light transmission and decorating .

22.visible light Transmittance of coated glass is one of the important indexes of optical properties.

23.influence of annealing temperature on infrared Transmittance of vo_2 film

24.we analyze the positive and negative lens effect caused by the hole theoretically and give the expression of normalized Transmittance in this condition. order to determine laser transmit power, laser atmospheric Transmittance in the slant path on the sea is researched.

26.comparison of infrared atmospheric Transmittance calculated by cart software with measured values

27.the results show that the polyimides have good solubility, higher molecular weight distinguished Transmittance and preferable. . .

28.used for testing textile's ultraviolet Transmittance and anti-ultraviolet performance and anti-ultraviolet coefficient.

29.diffuse Transmittance causes the light to soften, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

30.note-either absorbance or Transmittance measurement may be used for preparing inocula.

31.the loss of ag influences the Transmittance but does not change the position of filtering channel. light Transmittance is92% with excellent transparency.

33.when increasing incident angle, the Transmittance spectrum move to short-wave band.

34.the light Transmittance characteristics of cell culture materials was investigated by uv-2201 ultraviolet spectrophotometer. was provided reference for curing technology optimization on basis of the changes of light Transmittance and structure of tobacco starch.

36.the result shows that multiple-beam interference makes a disturbance to the Transmittance of the prism.

37.Transmittance: amount of incident light transmitted by a medium; commonly expressed as percent Transmittance. apparatus for localized Transmittance measurements of optical coatings with spatially non-uniform performance is presented.

39.the ir Transmittance and micro hardness are investigated by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy ( ftir) and micro hardness meter, respectively.