Transmittal Sentence Examples | Use Transmittal in a sentence

1.uncontrolled documents and the accompanying document Transmittal will identify that documents are not subject to revision control.

2.controlled documents are issued in a formal manner under cover of a document Transmittal proforma.

3.system of multi-life-sign acquisition and wireless Transmittal

4.acheson begins his letter of Transmittal to truman with the story of how he compiled the white paper.

5.originate digital Transmittal signals for anti-theft touch, farther messaging distance, and stronger air-penetration.

6.the electronic version of the Transmittal shall be attached to the e-mail.

7.the audit report, the management report, the letter of Transmittal to a tax return are forms of communication.

8.anyone who reads acheson's letter of Transmittal to the end will attest to its superior logic.

9.under the Transmittal of pressure undertaken by enterprise, enterprise realized comparatively better composition of input-output.

10.exploit and application of signal wireless Transmittal device

11.the committee states that it will forward a copy of enclosure "a" to the state department upon notification of such Transmittal. case there is an error in the Transmittal, the contact person shall return the Transmittal along with the documents to the opposite contact person and state the reason why the Transmittal is returned.

13.the internal bus using profibus-dp protocol to communicate with the upper computer, this system has improved the data Transmittal rate and the data updating rate.

14.the white paper on united states relations with china released by the department of state in1949 and secretary of state dean acheson's letter of Transmittal to president harry s.truman had to admit this.

15.this paper uses gprs communication network as wireless communication mode, and we transmit data by xml way, and this way can enhance stability and universality of data Transmittal.

16.receive the incoming drawings and ensure that the received package is legible and complete as per attached drawing Transmittal. humans, the major routes of Transmittal are unpasteurized milk and milk products and exposure to infected animals.

18.this paper gives a development survey of ground-downhole communication system, makes a summary of Transmittal mode and transmission principle of signals, and appraises their advantages and weaknesses respectively in the light of reliability, transmission depth, transmission rate and development cost.

19.the heat Transmittal mode inside the solution is defined during the process of fve.

20.if the paper copy resulting from such Transmittal corresponds, subject to paragraph (3), to the application form referred to in item (i). is no accident that the u.s.state department's white paper on china-u.s.relations and secretary of state acheson's letter of Transmittal to president truman have been released at this time.

22.a documentation Transmittal slip listing all documents and drawings in the shipment shall be contained in the package.

23.encryption technology allows secure Transmittal of information along the internet by encoding the transmitted data using a mathematical formula that scrambles the data.

24.the middle layer is the user mode device driver to establish data Transmittal path.

25.the documents and drawings by contractor shall be forwarded along with a Transmittal letter.

26.application of i/ a series in strap Transmittal system

27.with so many possibilities, synchronization and Transmittal of vital information is difficult and error-prone.

28.the storage, Transmittal, interchange and share of the natural environmental data are the important foundations of achieving the high reuse, interoperability and fidelity in modeling and simulation. is encrypted over the radio wave for protection during end-to-end Transmittal.

30.the cut-off ratio may be defined in general, as the percentage of established facsimile calls that are terminated prior to the Transmittal of all the pages in the facsimile transaction.

31.can you find a trace of humanity, justice or virtue in the white paper or in acheson's letter of Transmittal?

32.environment parameters 'measure and information Transmittal based on java

33.scientific life can produce a large scare of this kind of data. it brings us lots of pressure on store and Transmittal, while offer plentiful information.

34.copies of the completed document Transmittal will be retained by the originator. bids to customers with application engineering manager or designee prior to Transmittal as required.

36.the Transmittal shall have a distinctive chronological number.

37.document Transmittal will identify that documents have been subject to revision and the action required for the control of the superseded documents.