Transmit Sentence Examples | Use Transmit in a sentence

1.the channel counter and decoder provide the channel select information to the data latch and Transmit logic circuits.

2.then, use the netdev receive and Transmit probes to capture the packet length data.

3.a communication channel, of which each end can simultaneously Transmit and receive.

4.his duty is to administer the present government as it came to his hands and to Transmit it unimpaired by him to his successor.

5.axons are the long slender projections that Transmit nerve-cell impulses to the rest of the body, controlling movement. fast a modem can Transmit and receive data.

7.there was no danger of Transmitting the infection through operations.

8.the speed with which digital cameras can take, process and Transmit an image is phenomenal.

9.sympathy is also a prayer. because the moment you think of that person with love and sympathy, you Transmit your good thinking.

10.he Transmitted his keen enjoyment of singing to the audience.

11.this system fully uses the advantages of can-bus just as long data-Transmitting distance, fast speed, reliable Transmit and low cost etc.

12.a radio wave used to Transmit and receive messages.

13.the electrodes sense this change and then Transmit how much pressure the skin is "feeling. "

14.aerials are designed to Transmit radio frequency signal between tags and readers. telephony, the use of tones to Transmit supervisory, address and alerting signals over a circuit.

16.the information is electronically Transmitted to schools and colleges takes a teacher to Transmit wisdom, impart knowledge, and resolve doubts.

18.electronic mail and filing permit a user to compose and Transmit a message on an office automation system.

19.applications can now receive, Transmit, store, and retrieve xml without intermediate conversions.

20.the game was Transmitted live in spain and italy

21.similar to e-mail, it allows a person to quickly Transmit and receive information by a cell phone.

22.a terminal connected to a computer by a data link. a terminal that can Transmit and receive traffic.

23.this technique is often used to Transmit data between iframes or between html pages and embedded iframes. is known to all that the shortage of carrier wave mode: great disturbance in channel make it difficult to Transmit fault data.

25.anopheles mosquitos Transmit malaria.

26.employing quantum cryptography to Transmit the vote from polling stations to central counting house is thus a bit of a publicity stunt.

27.nerve fibres Transmit external stimuli to the brain.

28.there was no vibration Transmitted to the handles and the machine wasn't noisy either.

29.the message they are Transmitting to their daughters is very different from that of previous generations

30.these thin crystals Transmit much of the power

31.without it, dysfunctional bond markets would not be able to Transmit the central bank's interest-rate stance to the euro zone's economy.

32.the device is not designed to Transmit to satellites.

33.a videophone can Transmit and receive pictures as well as sound.

34.links are bidirectional, using both a Transmit and receive pair for simultaneous transmission in both directions. a balanced differential system the voltage produced by the driver appears across a pair of signal lines that Transmit only one signal.

36.e-mail allows users to electronically Transmit and receive messages, text, or data.

37.receive and Transmit throughput information can help you understand the amount of data being processed by the device.

38.this is currently the most efficient way to Transmit certain types of data like electronic mail

39.the students were hoist by their own petards, however, as granada decided to Transmit the programme anyway.