Tragopan Sentence Examples | Use Tragopan in a sentence

1.a primary study on the reintroduction of cabot's Tragopan

2.the distribution and conservation of yellow-bellied Tragopan in jiangxi province

3.the cock Tragopan is surely the most magnificent.

4.observation on anatomy and histological morphology of Tragopan caboti kidney

5.the effect of artificial light on reproduction of cabot's Tragopan

6.the courtship display bhaviour of cabot's Tragopan is of typical frontal displays.

7.observation on anatomy and histo-morphology of lungs Tragopan caboti

8.courtship display behaviour of cabot's Tragopan

9.the lost of the nests and eggs was one of the key factors which caused the cabot's Tragopan to be endangered.