Towboat Sentence Examples | Use Towboat in a sentence

1.evaluation on the result of reducing noise in Towboat engine room

2.test of the optimum routing and service for the operation of ocean Towboat in winter season

3.diagnosis for faults of rotary propulsion apparatus operating system in Towboat and general methods to deal with it

4.disavowed the vowels. the Towboat is stowed with bestowed stone.

5.this invention relates to lubricating oil water content tester of Towboat rudder quant device.

6.the status quo and development tendency of Towboat in jiangsu province

7.for example, permits could be issued to travel through locks at specified times, and those permits could be traded among Towboat captains.

8.but the Towboat did look good. so did a sailing boat, packed with friends.

9.a Towboat pushes barges down the flood-swollen mississippi river at memphis, tenn.