Toward Sentence Examples | Use Toward in a sentence

1.this train would stop twice more in the suburbs before rolling southeast Toward munich

2.even as walker moves ahead Toward layoffs, there was no sign that the democrats who have left the state have plans to return.

3.'he'll know what will get you laid, ' she said, 'the first step Toward a relationship is making him want you.

4.hoisting my suitcase on to my shoulder, i turned and headed Toward my hotel

5.that sort of approach should go a long way Toward breaking the ice

6.he became violent and abusive Toward ben's mother

7.the committee will work Toward the establishment of a school for the handicapped.

8.patterson pointed Toward a plain cardboard box beneath a long wooden table.

9.the prosecutor looked Toward napoleon, waiting for him to thunder an objection.

10.their permissiveness Toward their children reflects the wild abandon of their own lives.

11.i think all of us need to rethink our attitudes Toward health and sickness.

12.a man in a blue coat, with a gun on his back, was walking down the road Toward the smith farm.

13.the president's speech was hailed as a conciliatory gesture Toward business.

14.the curtain rises Toward the end of the prelude., while my genes bias my brain Toward spooking easily and trying to make a quick buck, that isn't how i actually behave.

16.huntsman said the deal fell short by not moving Toward "a real focus on entitlement reform" and a balanced budget amendment.

17.i eventually realized i had to change my attitude Toward medical practice.

18.the belief that society has an innate tendency Toward improvement and that this tendency may be furthered through conscious human effort.

19.the raft gathered speed as the current dragged it Toward the falls.

20.the tiny rocket is attached to the spacecraft and is designed to propel it Toward mars.

21.the attitude of the parents Toward the usefulness of what is learned must colour the way children approach school.

22.this is an important step Toward lower interest rates.

23.he finally gave way to an impulse and pulled her Toward him.

24.we were driving along interstate 280, Toward my home in woodside.'re going to see government fleets buying, buses buying, not a mass movement Toward electrics, definitely within the five years.

26.the floor was level, but the ceiling sloped Toward his head.

27.what's his attitude Toward this business? have you felt him out?

28.i'll behave Toward them as i would like to be treated

29.society's march Toward ever-increasing materialism was continuing.

30.two men and a woman were walking briskly down the sidewalk Toward him. people in a certain era bury their dead says much about the prevailing attitudes Toward death.

32.these events were all signposts pointing Toward change.

33.most scientists would probably lean Toward this viewpoint.

34.he said government efforts have been geared Toward the possibility of a "catastrophic event. "

35.the tree leans Toward the house.

36.luckily, my son pulled me to safety with his trekking pole. am i better off now than i was when i was sliding Toward the abyss? duh!

37.the sun declined Toward the west.; the sun is to the west.

38.she rooted through the bag, found what she wanted, and headed Toward the door

39.we shall gladly lend every effort in our power Toward its realization.

40.the ranger paused, as well, was about to reply when jesse took a quick side step and with two hands shoved the ranger Toward the well.