Torment Sentence Examples | Use Torment in a sentence

1.the Torment of having her baby kidnapped is written all over her face.

2.outdoors, mosquitoes and midges were a perpetual Torment.

3.he spent days in Torment while the police searched for his stolen car.

4.just living in the same house with him was a Torment.

5.dare you Torment an old man? be able to talk to other people helps you escape from that Torment.

7.but of Torment and despair.

8.and i love it when you tease and Torment me;

9.that child is a real Torment. my books i reveal the immense cataclysm that is going to Torment the earth in the near future.

11.Torment me no longer. wife is a real Torment to me.

13.there is no truer Torment for my soul than to know you unwell and unhappy.

14.tonight you saved my life, sergio. a life of Torment and suffering.

15.Torment in the dark was the danger that i feared and it did not hold me back.

16.what a Torment this illness is! matter how many times i tried to convince him i was fine, he continued to Torment himself.

18.sooner or later most writers end up making books about the Torments of being a writer

19.he is free from all'complexes'and obsessions, the worries and troubles that Torment others.

20.he had schooled himself to be able to postpone the ritual for as long as a whole day, while hiding all outward signs of his inner Torment. feels no pain as your fingers would feel, it has no soul, and cannot suffer such agony and Torment as you will have to endure.

22.skitskurr found himself alone, apart from his kind, a state that would have been Torment for any other weaver. he managed to get out of the shoe painfully, he was surprised to find the cause of his lasting Torment was only a grain of sand.

24.i will Torment you no more.

25.he had lain awake all night, Tormented by jealousy.

26.but for them, the treasure turned into a Torment. now becomes an unbearable Torment.

28.jealousy began to Torment him.

29.who would ever have told me that i, marguerite gautier, would be made to suffer such Torment by the simple prospect of having a new lover?

30.also let my heart pay too many. but, i am imagining to embezzle to suffer to Torment.

31.what a little Torment that child is! older brother and sister used to Torment me by singing it to me.

33.the greatest Torment of miss glover's life was that , as lady of the vicarage, she had to manage the maternity bag . Torment, is still head held high and strong to withstand the external erosion, she was singing in the rain, dancing in the wind.

35.but hannibal's demons visit him and Torment him.

36.but heartfelt, eloquent statements like this video seem to Torment liberals.

37.well, i don't Torment people i don't know. times the memories returned to Torment her

39.finally i was able to let go of all the pain and Torment that had held me captive, realizing that i'd been my own jailer.