Tomcat Sentence Examples | Use Tomcat in a sentence

1.your seam applications can be deployed in j2ee1.4 application servers as well as in plain Tomcat servers.

2.however, if you choose java technology, use a simple application server such as Tomcat or geronimo.

3.the Tomcat servers in this test use less than half of the available cache. can start the it using the maven command mvn Tomcat: run.

5.the Tomcat server will now start up in debug mode and bring up the welcome. jsp page prompting for a user id and password. that you have Tomcat configured, you need to configure wireshark. will also need a java web container; apache Tomcat 6.0.14 was used in this article.

8.the bin directory contains the main scripts and applications that control and run the Tomcat application.

9.the Tomcat implementation seems easy to use if you want to set up your own framework; therefore, it's used in this article.

10.the official pluto distribution comes with Tomcat, but with a bit of tweaking, you can deploy the pluto portal driver on geronimo.

11.once the restaurantsearch application is complete, you can start the Tomcat server.

12.this is a standard war file that you can deploy into the Tomcat webapps directory.

13.apache Tomcat is an open source servlet container which can be installed on desktop class machines.

14.servlets and jsps are supported by the apache jakarta project's Tomcat engine. now, you should be able to see a "Tomcat" menu and 3 Tomcat toolbar buttons (as shown in figure 1) in the java perspective.

16.this project defines a component, which performs an installation of the Tomcat server.

17.apache have decided not to add support for the full java ee 6 web profile to Tomcat, at least for the moment.

18.a realm maintains user, group, and password information in Tomcat.

19.tcat server provides indepth diagnostics and debugging capabilities for web applications running on Tomcat instances. all fairness, a similar implementation is possible with jetty, if we had not tried to adhere to the event model of Tomcat.

21.let's take a look at both Tomcat and jetty's support for comet.

22.i deploy the example application in a Tomcat servlet container.

23.scalability: being a java-based implementation, quercus runs on top of application servers like resin and apache Tomcat.

24.use the servers view to start and stop the external Tomcat servlet engine.

25.developers typically deploy pluto in the apache Tomcat web container, but that approach isn't your only choice. this case, we were focused on apache Tomcat, our favorite web application server.

27.once Tomcat has been installed and configured, you can start the Tomcat server.

28.i used Tomcat as the baseline for this example project, but i encourage you to modify the project files for your specific container.

29.deploy the project to apache Tomcat using eclipse wtp, and start the server.

30.i will use apache Tomcat as a servlet container to deploy the clients.

31.apache Tomcat provides a jsp deployment platform. was easy for him to get access to source code and fixes from fellow developers, and before long he had Tomcat commit access as well. run the application, type mvn Tomcat: run which will start the jetty server.

34.the source code provided with this article contains a sample chat web application for jetty and Tomcat. say that joe frazier had a left hook was like saying the Tomcat jet fighter is an aeroplane.

36.springsource tc server includes apache Tomcat, enhanced operational management capabilities and advanced server and application diagnostics. the next day, lazy jack again went out, and hired himself to a baker, who would give him nothing for his work but a large Tomcat.

38.apache Tomcat ( or simply Tomcat) is an open source java web server and servlet container.