Tightening Sentence Examples | Use Tightening in a sentence

1.would Tightening fiscal and monetary policy, at the same time, be the remedy?

2.the new measures are aimed at Tightening existing sanctions.

3.low inflationary pressures in europe and japan also justified an end to monetary Tightening.

4.the surge in renminbi interest rates in funding and forex markets also reflects an unexpected Tightening of liquidity conditions.

5.the rebels are Tightening the noose around the capital

6.boylan plays with language, letting the prose sprawl about before Tightening it suddenly to great effect

7.the rich economies face recession, with all that comes with it: bankruptcies, belt-Tightening and rising unemployment.

8.if this is inhibited by fiscal Tightening, recovery will be strangled.

9.vingo stopped looking, Tightening his face, as if he were fortifying himself against still another disappointment.

10.first, we are now seeing a policy-driven Tightening in monetary policy.

11.it needs Tightening up a little.

12.how much did fiscal Tightening contribute to japan's steep recession of 1998?

13.now suppose that, instead of keeping calm, the authorities are frightened into premature monetary and fiscal Tightening.

14.the direction of rotation must be observed when loosening and Tightening.

15.surveys of businesses and banks have shown no pervasive Tightening of credit.

16.analysts said the copper market was responding to strong demand as well as the prospect of Tightening supply as mine production disappoints.

17.observe loosening and Tightening sequence!

18.attempted Tightening on this scale would dampen the economy and risk creating a vicious cycle of debt and deflation.

19.would withdrawal of current extraordinary liquidity and deposit guarantees accelerate or offset monetary Tightening?

20.i regulate the tempo by Tightening and loosening.

21.refer to tools and Tightening torques in chapter "removing camshaft housing"!

22.it can siphon inflationary cash out of the system by requiring the commercial banks to lodge deposits at the bank - quantitative Tightening.

23.banks have responded to loan losses by Tightening lending standards and reducing credit lines.

24.maybe i am too pessimistic about the implications for demand of the envisaged fiscal Tightening.

25.china had already begun to implement Tightening measures when it raised interest rates and increased reserve requirements last month.

26.with a lag, that Tightening has had the predicted result.

27.one of the main reasons for the strength of the european currencies this year is anticipation of a Tightening of monetary policy by the ecb.

28.such statistics have lessened the need for the us federal reserve to be aggressive in Tightening monetary policy.

29.the anchorman flung his whole weight back, Tightening the rope

30.luke answered by Tightening his grip on her shoulder

31.at some stage these Tightening measures will have a real impact on the real economy.

32.the Tightening of credit since the crisis has only exacerbated this anxiety.

33.tension the engine by aligning the hooks and Tightening the spindles at the same time.

34.the troops are Tightening their stranglehold on the city

35.ironically, until recently china had been pursuing monetary and fiscal Tightening to fight inflation.

36.goldman analysts downgraded the region in november because of significant stock run-ups, signs of speculation and possible policy Tightening to curb inflation.

37.how much of this economic weakness was due to the fiscal Tightening?

38.at least that's what i hope. if it's really the beginning of real Tightening, god help us.

39.the bank's model suggested the rapid Tightening would push gdp down in much of the industrialised world.

40.if the Tightening does not happen it will not be due to any easing by the chancellor, but to an even worse than expected growth performance.