Thunderstorm Sentence Examples | Use Thunderstorm in a sentence night we were caught by a Thunderstorm.

2.this is showed typically in their respective representative works desire under the elms and Thunderstorm. experts in australia believe the fish, spangled perch, were sucked up in a Thunderstorm before being dumped over the tiny town.

4.last week we had a massive power failure during a freak afternoon Thunderstorm.

5.the dark age spots on her face appeared darker because of the warm steam, reminiscent of dark clouds before a Thunderstorm. plays an increasingly important part in meteorology for cloud, precipitation, hail and Thunderstorm detection as well as the navigation of aircraft and ships.

7.the strange light that appeared on the masts was probably electricity from the Thunderstorm.

8.a dangerous Thunderstorm with a sailor before he begins a new voyage at the sea, which will be thought of as a skeleton at the feast .

9.a case study of forecasting Thunderstorm in the weakly forced system with wrf model

10.influence of electrification on microphysical and dynamical processes in a numerically simulated Thunderstorm.

11.tornadoes start in muggy Thunderstorm weather, usually in late spring and summer.

12.statistical fitting analysis of climatic phenomena such as fog and Thunderstorm

13.this may occur after low-lying fields have been flooded following a severe Thunderstorm or intensive irrigation. shown in our study, long-term tendency of Thunderstorm and lightning days have significant seasonal variation.

15.last night i was caught by a Thunderstorm. was frightening and strange, and forever changed the way i feel in a Thunderstorm.

17.there were clouds coming up and probably in an hour or two there would be a Thunderstorm.

18.they called off the football match because of a severe Thunderstorm. some way, positive and negative ions are developed in a Thunderstorm.

20.see the dark clouds? i'm sure a Thunderstorm is coming. climbed a tree in a Thunderstorm? unwise experiment which is often mentioned is benjamin franklin's famous kite in a Thunderstorm.

23.i was wet with anxiety. get a thorough souse in a Thunderstorm

24.what is the relationship between atmospheric stability and Thunderstorm?

25.look for signs of a developing Thunderstorm such as darkening skies, flashes of lightning or increasing wind.

26.a tornado is a rotating column of air from a Thunderstorm to the ground.

27.a strange odor came up to me from the earth. i knew it -- it was the odor which always comes before a Thunderstorm.

28.the Thunderstorm stampeded the cattle.

29.after the Thunderstorm we found a tree with a split trunk; they tore big juicy chunks from the heart of the split watermelon.

30.sometimes it hails during a summer Thunderstorm.

31.this negative pressure phase is of short duration. sometimes it hails during a summer Thunderstorm.

32.the next day they got wet in a Thunderstorm. the stranger fell ill and died a few days later.

33.but if you know when a Thunderstorm is coming, you could set up a camera to record thelightning.

34.survivors said everything seemed normal as the plane approached the airport in a Thunderstorm., roared back. like a Thunderstorm rolling off those mountains, ready to flood the salt lake valley below.

36.we have not had a Thunderstorm like this in week.

37.the Thunderstorm to bring people more care and protection, drawn into a lover's interval.

38.eventually, the Thunderstorm stopped and we saw a beautiful rainbow in the clouds.

39.meanwhile with conventional and non-conventional meteorological data, thunderbolt character and Thunderstorm weather can be analyzed in the platform.