Thumped Sentence Examples | Use Thumped in a sentence

1.her heart Thumped so that she could scarcely see to go on.

2.he guffawed and Thumped his friend between the shoulder blades.

3.she Thumped the cushion flat.

4.he was Thumped by another child at school. recent years, defense department officials have Thumped their chest, hard, about how good the pentagon is at hacking enemy networks.

6.his heart Thumped audibly as his benumbed hand held the receiver in a desperate grip.

7.i Thumped my head against the steering wheel, trying to distract myself from the sharper pain.

8.when workers carefully and reverently took it out of the box, the eagle owl constantly Thumped its wings. heart Thumped when the jury delivered my verdict.

10.she Thumped the pillow flat.

11.beset by accusations of graft, it may soon have to eject a dodgy-looking coalition ally, a tamil party Thumped in a state election in may.

12.daniel webster twisted and turned and Thumped his fist on the table.

13.the giant Thumped around for a while, but could not find jack.

14.all her classmates Thumped for her.

15.the branches Thumped the shutters in the wind. took the fiddle to the telephone and Thumped the strings. putting the receiver to his ear, he said, "hear anything. will? "

17.he Thumped on the door but nobody came.

18.suddenly he Thumped the arm of the chair.

19.on hearing the news, my heart Thumped with excitement.

20.she Thumped her hand on the witness box

21.he Thumped his head on the floor when he fell out of bed.

22.there was nothing ambiguous in the message Thumped out in his newspaper editorials.

23.the shutters Thumped the wall in the wind.

24.he Thumped my shoulder affectionately, nearly knocking me over

25.his heart Thumped as he walked past the cemetery at night. forehead was damp and my heart Thumped heavily. took the fiddle to the telephone and Thumped the strings.

28.she Thumped out of the door to show her anger.

29.songs were sung and glasses Thumped on the bar.

30.the villain Thumped me on the head.

31.dave Thumped the table in frustration.

32.he Thumped a few shillings onto the table.

33.young girls were cuddled and touched while boys were Thumped on the back and told not to cry. home he has been Thumped by the voters.

35."he paid a very heavy price at the end of a game in which we got Thumped more than they did, " continued president blanc.

36.he Thumped the table with his fist.

37.his heart Thumped as he made this audacious declaration, that he almost choked in uttering it.

38.seconds later and rooney Thumped a header against the bar from gary neville's cross.