Thrush Sentence Examples | Use Thrush in a sentence

1.she packed off her child to kindergarten. a baby Thrush, monkey, crocodile

2.oh Thrush, where are you?

3.there are thirty thousand feathers on that Thrush's throat.

4.i don't think either photo is of a dark-throated Thrush, but are they both the same bird?

5.professor zhou gang, director of bureau mucosa check, for a prompt oral candidiasis, also known as Thrush.

6.first, i thought it had to be lark's voice, but it wasn't so. the voice was male of blue rock Thrush singing at the outstanding point.

7.large Thrush common in eastern american woodlands; noted for its melodious song.

8.the singing voice of japanese Thrush was heard in the forest.

9.candida is the yeastlike fungus which can lead to Thrush.

10.a Thrush alighted on a branch of the pine tree.

11.large european Thrush that feeds on mistletoe berries.

12.objective to observe the recovery of new liquid george Thrush in children.

13.probably in a modern city the man who can distinguish between a Thrush's and a blackbird's song is the exception.

14.if you have diabetes, you are also at risk for fungal infections in the mouth, called oral candidiasis or Thrush.

15.a baby Thrush, monkey, crocodile

16.mention cystitis or Thrush to a male boss and they are likely to give you as much time as you need.

17.a Thrush overhears him telling the news of the weakness to the dwarves and leaves to inform bard at lake-town, which is a good thing because the dragon has left the mountain to terrorize the townspeople.

18.enabling the change, Thrush said, is the creation of a translation system that allows multiple scripts to be converted to the right address.

19.but by g--, you lost a fine sight by not being here in the morning to see the Thrush go out of harbour! tyltyl's family, he had already taken granddad and granny, the little brothers, the little sisters and the old Thrush!

21.Thrush and wren this message bring. much melancholy temple liu, spring air fighting Thrush long.

23.large american Thrush having a rust-red breast and abdomen.

24.who'll sing a psalm? i, said the Thrush, as she sat on a bush, i'll sing a psalm.

25.nest site selection and home range of the grey-sided Thrush

26.the moment Thrush strikes, many women reach for a tub of yoghurt to treat the fierce, burning pain.

27.pied kingfisher, smyrna kingfisher, blue whistling Thrush, collared crow, greater coucal: all easy.

28.conclusions Thrush was well prevented with 2% sodium bicarbonate.

29.european Thrush common in rocky areas; the male has blackish plumage with a white band around the neck.

30.just in this time, the intruded into close by Thrush country villa by chance.

31.Thrush: a new bird for me ( and for chi gu)!!!!!!!!! many congratulations on an excellent find!

32.are the white filaments edible food or some type of brassica Thrush?

33.a Thrush's song was the only sound to break the silence.

34.american Thrushes: wood Thrush; hermit Thrush; veery.

35.who'll sing a psalm? "i, " said the Thrush.

36.regional logistics center location by systematical kinetics method; nest site selection and home range of the grey-sided Thrush

37.i, said the Thrush, as she sat on a bush, i'll sing a psalm.