Threaded Sentence Examples | Use Threaded in a sentence

1.a fastener with a tapered Threaded shank and a slotted head.

2.position support for rear wall on the Threaded bolts and secure with the fastening nuts.

3.kate watched with pleasure as robert Threaded his way through the dance .

4.however, a second later, the soup seemed to have Threaded its way down to his stomach and he belched loudly twice.

5.bolts, nuts, screws, Threaded rods, washers, electric power products, railway fasteners, etc.

6.slowly she Threaded her way back through the moving mass of bodies

7.Threaded fastener is the important type among all the fasteners.

8.signals might be an unpopular way of doing ipc in a large multi-Threaded application for that reason.

9.a Threaded screw for machine parts; screws into a tapped hole.

10.the cone and the hand are in Threaded connection.

11.a clamp for holding pipe to be cut or Threaded.

12.screw the Threaded bush onto the screw-in tool by hand. multi-Threaded applications, each thread through the indicators point to a member function to call the function.

14.i'm hoping this will allow me to squeeze in a reasonably sophisticated Threaded program at the end of the next article.

15.air ducts and electrical cables were Threaded through the complex structure

16.thisimplies that i'll get something practical within a few months [. . . ] yes -it's free of any minix code, and it has a multi-Threaded fs.

17.a fastener made by screwing a nut onto a Threaded bolt.

18.this paper gives the algorithms inseting root-node and binary tree in all Threaded binary tree.

19.he said to use the lifeline running along the ceiling, a slender rope Threaded through wooden cones, like floats in a swimming pool.

20.unscrew clips and remove from Threaded bolt.

21.detach aluminium sleeves or hoses from the Threaded bolts. you write a Threaded application, you may need to synchronize individual threads with other parts of your program.

23.apache v2.0 can be configured to run in one of two ways: Threaded or nonThreaded.

24.a Threaded neck ring is attached to the tapered end so that a protective cylinder cap can be installed.

25.the little girl Threaded the shells together and wore them round her neck.

26.flanges Threaded for smaller pipe sizes, or flanges adapted for welding, are also available.

27.the ship Threaded her way between the hidden rocks.

28.we Threaded through a network of back streets. Threaded peg for tensioning and guide rails.

30.plastic steel connections: may adopt the connecting method as flange, screw Threaded etc.

31.remove Threaded plate, holder and bellows.

32.this article introduces threading with a simple Threaded application.

33.insteadof waiting for the stall to resolve, a Threaded processor would switch execution to another thread that was ready to run.

34.i carefully Threaded the tape and placed the headphones on.

35.the upper sleeve is connected with the lower sleeve via a Threaded tube.

36.unscrew fastening nut and remove ground strap from the Threaded bolt.

37.push the clips onto the Threaded bolts.

38.the simple feel of it, like a simple necklace made from a leather cord Threaded through a ring, is good.

39.Threaded holes and studs shall be in good condition and not damaged or worn in any way.

40.previous versions of libspe used a Threaded system in which you invoked a thread and then waited for it.